Ray Higdon, Founder of Rank Makers, Talking Entrepreneurship, Network Marketing, Social Media, DigBuilding an Audience, Mentors, Balancing Work and Family

 Jim Rohn International Founder, Kyle Wilson has an in-depth conversation with Ray Higdon discussing:

– Early challenges Ray faced growing up and repairing his relationship with his dad, mom and step mom

– The story behind Rank Makers with over 14,000 members

– Ray’s transition from real estate to network marketing to then building a 7 figure training company.

– Keys to leveraging digital based marketing

– Ray’s Super Power, doing a daily social media video for 11 years, never missing a day

– How to create and share content on a daily basis

– Tips on how to be successful in Network Marketing

– What to look for when choosing a company, product and upline

– Strategies from Ray and Jessica Higdon’s new book Time, Money, Freedom, 10 Simple Rules to Transform Your Life.

– What to do if you have a non-supportive spouse 

Be ready to take lots of notes!

Learn more about Ray and get his new book, Time, Money, Freedom, 10 Simple Rules to Transform Your Life.at RayHigdom.com

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