5 Keys to Authentically Attract the People You Want to Work With


I am such a huge believer in attracting vs pursuing. Being a farming (or fishing) vs hunting. It’s a philosophy I’ve had going back to 1989 when I first meet Jim Rohn and then later launched Jim Rohn Int in 1993.

This morning I was reflecting on the past few weeks and the next few weeks coming up. And I’m feeling so blessed to be doing what I love to do and doing it with people I love to work with and grow with. In fact, the past 2 weeks included doing 7 events, all with some of the best people, the people I love working with, including 20 year friend Robert Helms of the Real Estate Guys, Olenka Cullinan, founder of RisingTycoons, Ron White 2x Memory Champ, Mark and Tamiel Kenney, founders of Think Multi Family, plus my LA and Dallas Inner Circle masterminds and mentoring groups.

Now I’m headed to New York next week and am part of an event with my 20 year friend Les Brown (details at the end of the email), then to Orlando to be part of the NFL retired players event, and then to St. Louis for a 2 Day event with my good friends Ron White and 15 year baseball veteran Todd Stottlemyre.

All these events are with people I work with, many I coach or consult with, and all are long-term relationships.

When you pursue what you are truly most interested in without reservation and without an agenda, the people who are aligned with you truly will be drawn to you. It is the law of attraction and intention.

When these people come into your life and you are able to connect the dots, that’s when the magic really happens.

Here are a 5 key points on how to attract the people you want to do business and life with!

1.Be yourself. When you are authentically you, you will draw to you the people and opportunities that resonate with you and vice versa. Some people will love you, some won’t. Some people you can massively impact. Some people are going down a different road. No one has to be right or wrong. It’s more about what is the best fit. The more you are you, the more time you will save down the road of having to filter out people and opportunities that are not a good fit. Authentic and different is better than trying to be a copycat. (Have you noticed how many commercials now have actors that are unique and different?). Be you, it’s your greatest asset!

2. Think long term. Think of yourself as a farmer or a wine maker. It takes time. Cultivate relationships with good people, and over time good things always happen. Don’t turn people into commodities. Remember, not everyone in your community has to be a buyer. If 20% buy, that means the 80% are still showing up and being a part, a valuable part.

3. Bring massive value. People always ask me how I attracted Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Darren Hardy, Robin Sharma, etc. into my life. The answer is easy. I learned to bring massive value. One way early on for me to bring massive value was to put on large events. Yes, I had to start small and learn the business. Yes, I had to take risk. Yes, I had to work really hard and consistently over many years. But it allowed me to then work with some of the best speakers in the world. And it was birthed by me looking for ways to became valuable.

4. Solve problems. When I made Jim Rohn an offer that he couldn’t refuse in 1993, I also was solving problems that needed to be solved. It wasn’t just a title. I created products, packed his speaking schedule (doubled his fees), built a huge list to market to, built a team of 20 people, etc. These were huge gaps and challenges, that were actually opportunities for me to come in and bring value. Learn to be a problem solver!

5. Create platforms. It could be a Facebook group, a podcast, a blog where you have guest, etc. For me early on, in addition to doing events, I learned the internet and built a list (over 1 million people). But instead of just selling Jim Rohn’s products, I also sold everyone else’s. I started Messages From the Masters and Your Success Store and began publishing every major speakers articles and blogs and sold millions and millions of dollars of their products. People like Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, and Robin Sharma came to me (verses me going to them). So again, that’s learning to fish vs hunt. Build platforms that will attract the people you want to work with.

I can’t emphasize enough the value of these 5 things.

Btw, I eventually sold Jim Rohn Int and Your Success Store in 2007 to the owner of Success Magazine. I had a 5 year non-compete and ended up retiring for a total of 7 years. When I came back, my first thoughts were to start with this same list of 5 things. So I started the Lessons From Network (a platform). I started mastermind events so I could create a community where I could have amazing people come together and also invite major influencers to come share with us. I also started putting on events again (hosting the party for others to come learn and connect with other great people). The Brian Tracy 3 Day event last year, with special guest Darren Hardy and many more, was a 20 year anniversary of an event Brian and I co-created in 1996, the Success Mastery Academy. Long time friend Ron White and I are doing a series of 2 day events around the country that allow people to come and learn but also to meet, connect, and network with other amazing people.

That’s the additional benefit of events and masterminds (beyond the stellar content). I host events and mastermind because I get so much benefit from getting amazing, aligned people together in a room and putting our heads together to connect the dots, to find out how we can use our knowledge, resources, and passions together to strategically build things beyond our dreams. The attendees get all the benefits for a modest cost, and all they have to do is show up. (if interested, email me for details on my masterminds)

As mentioned earlier, I will be speaking with long-time friend Les Brown in New York next week. The event is put on by my good friend Eric Stoller (do you see a pattern here of developing & nurturing long term relationships). There are still a few seats left. To grab your ticket Click Here

Hope to see you soon!


Kyle Wilson, Founder LessonsFromNetwork.com, Jim Rohn International (JimRohn.com), YourSuccessStore.com and KyleWilson.com

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