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Just got back from hosting my LA Inner Circle group. What an amazing trip and group of people we have that come from all over the country!

While there I had an amazing opportunity to meet and visit with Frank Coraci, director of some really great movies including a few of my favorites The Waterboy, Click, The Wedding Singer and Here Comes the Boom!

Here are a few golden nugget takeaways!

Frank was breaking into the business and doing small Indie films. After he felt he had the credibility under his belt he went back to his close friend and college buddy, Adam Sandler and suggested they do a movie together. They ended up doing two right off the bat, The Wedding Singer and The Waterboy, both released in 1998 and both earning over 100 million dollars each, which propelled Sandler into a high dollar bankable actor.

“After making Waterboy on such a low budget and it being such a massive success, it did open the flood gates of opportunity for me. Something I would have never envisioned being possible.”

You can tell Frank loves what he does. In fact, certain questions or observations seemed to open a door for him to just go there and share and be an open book.

His eyes light up with passion when I ask him about who cast Billy Idol in The Wedding Singer. “That was ME!! We had originally talked to Eddie Van Halen. Adam was more a Huey Lewis kinda guy but I was more the Clash and Billy Idol. I think it worked out perfect. Just all the hundreds and thousands of decisions that go into writing, casting and making a movie!”

He shared some really cool stories about originally casting Gene Wilder and Bert Reynolds as the 2 coaches in Waterboy. And how academy award winning actress Kathy Bates would watch the daily’s with him on Waterboy and just be laughing hysterically. “That’s when he knew he had a funny, funny movie.”

I also asked him about how in Adam Sandler and Kevin James films, (actors that Frank has done a combined 7 movies with) I noticed you will see many of the same faces on camera and off. He said absolutely true! It’s about finding people you like and trust. Relationships are the key to life and business.

I loved Frank’s enthusiasm, passion, humor, openness and generosity!

“All I ever really wanted to do was make movies that people enjoy and work with people I like.  I’ve have some big budget films under my belt. It has served a purpose. I’ve had the opportunity for a lot of people to see films and stories I care about. But at the end of the day, I gravitate back to smaller, more passion projects. I have multiple projects I’m looking at. I’m blessed and always filled with gratitude!”

I’m blessed too, Frank, by our meeting and conversation! 🙂 Kyle

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Have a great week!

Kyle Wilson
Founder, Jim Rohn International (, and

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