How Bad Do You Want It?


Frustrations and obstacles are part of life. They can come in the form of people, events, challenges as well as circumstances outside our control. Opportunities to learn, to grow, to change and create better results. When you have frustrations and obstacles, sometimes you need to focus past the frustration. Have a micro-focus, where you see only the goal, you see the end result, you see the prize, not the obstacle, not the frustration.

Othertimes you must realize it’s not what your doing, it’s what you are missing! Are you really seeing all the possibilities, all the opportunities?

Sometimes you have to ask “How Bad do I Want It?”

When confronted with things you can’t change, here is the ultimate take away, Your In Control. You’re in control of how you react, your in control of how you handle the situation, your in contol of how you feel.

Sometimes it’s a wrestling match between the frustrations and challenges you may have and how you respond to them. As Jim Rohn, my mentor would say “You can’t control the government, you can’t control the economy, you can’t control your neighbors, all you can control is you.”

It’s not what’s outside that’s going on, it’s whats inside and how you handle it. It’s saying “I’m not going to let this frustration, this circumstance conquer me. I’m going to use these challenges and circumstances as stepping stones to become who I’m supposed to become, to accomplish what I’m supposed to accomplish. I will draw the line in the sand and do whatever it takes.”

Sometimes you have to ask “How Bad do I Want It?”

Taken from Kyle Wilson’s audio “How Bad do I Want It?” from the Driving Ambition Collaberation Click here for more

To your success,

Kyle Wilson

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