Special Birthday Message to Jim Rohn!


Jim would have been 88 today.

I’m not a poet, but I wanted to share this with you today in case it can be of benefit in anyway, including taking a few minutes of reflection time to think about the people that have influenced you.

Anyone that knows me knows that I will always, for the rest of my life, carry the Jim Rohn torch (as I shared at his tribute) of how his message impacted me and so many others. It always brings joy to me when people tell me how Jim impacted their life and it’s even a bit more special when I know it came from my influence or recommendation.

Here is a Message to Jim Rohn (feel free to share your appreciation for Jim in the comments as well).

At only 28, amazing fortune smiled on me, I was introduced to the man, that redirected what my future would be.

I sat on every word he shared, one-on-one and also in the seminar room. And I watched my life change, Jim Rohn’s philosophy in me it groomed.

Slowly but surely, my life would change and others could see it. And not only mine but all those that were introduced and in the rooms they experienced it.

He was unique, like no other, his words filled with wisdom, clarity and so well spoken. Jim was no ones puppet as he shared his sonnets, he always said exactly what was on his mind and what he wanted.

Daily I’m reminded of all the lessons and truth he shared with me. I’m forever blessed the path I was led on and now can better see.

It’s been 9 years since Jim past, yet I feel his presence often and get guidance when I’m wise enough to seek it.

If you were influenced by Jim, maybe sometime today, take a step back and see what he would say.

That’s all for now, just thought I would share, what came up for me in my morning prayer.

Thank you Jim ONE MORE TIME! Love, Kyle

Have an awesome week and if you get a chance, take some time to reflect on some of the gifts of wisdom that Jim imparted on you (and feel free to share in the comments)

Much love! Kyle

“Kyle, thank you for our partnership and friendship. Friendship is wealth and you make me a rich man. Love and Respect!” Jim Rohn

Kyle Wilson, Founder LessonsFromNetwork, Jim Rohn International, YourSuccessStore and KyleWilson.com

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