Jim Rohn Tribute

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The Jim Rohn Tribute (13-minute version)

Edited down from more than 2-hours of stories, heart-felt moments and gratitude shared, here’s 13-minutes of what Kyle shared with Jim on that memorable and special day.


Jim Rohn was my 18 year business partner, friend and mentor.

It was just a short 6 months before Jim’s passing that I had the most amazing experience of my 18 years with Jim.

Over a period of 2 months, with the help of SUCCESS Magazine, I was able to privately bring together some of Jim’s biggest admirers, peers and close friends including Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Denis Waitley, Darren Hardy, Larry Thompson, Ed Foreman, John Maxwell, just to name a few.

We filmed as each person shared their personal Jim stories and how he had impacted them individually as well as their careers. It was an amazing few days watching so many voice their appreciation, respect and admiration for Jim! Many other friends and peers who couldn’t make the filming sessions sent us their video testimonials. All in all it totaled over 50 of Jim’s inner circle of friends and peers and 2 hours of incredible testimonials and amazing stories.

From there I added some vintage Jim Rohn footage and then worked to edit it all down to less than 20 minutes and create a DVD for Jim Rohn then to have and watch. Jim had no idea this was going on which made it even more exciting.

I’ll never forget the anticipation as we worked and worked to make this a special gift for our mentor.

Then the plane flight to LA (I live in Dallas) to surprise Jim.

If you know anything about Jim, you know how humble and real he was. I have to admit I was a bit nervous because to tell Jim we have a DVD of your peers and closest friends (many who had flown from all over the country to share in this tribute) giving you huge praise and appreciation would be something that would normally make him very uncomfortable. But on this day, Jim was in full receiving mode!

Along with Jim’s close friend, Harold Dyke, the 3 of us sat down to watch it together.

Jim had no idea what he was about to watch. As we sat there, Jim heard stories that brought back memories and heard words of great respect and appreciation, all of which deeply impacted him. He was emotional. He was touched. I was beyond blessed and so honored to be there.

You may have seen clips from Jim’s memorial service (which was amazing). But the wonderful thing about this tribute video was we were able to give it to Jim while he was still here—what a unique blessing. Words were spoken. Thanks given. Emotions and tears displayed. And this time Jim was on the receiving end.

This truly was my most special memory with Jim and one of the highlights of my life.

Thank you Jim! I miss you! Kyle

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