The Power of Immersion


Have you ever hung out with people who just seem to be ‘smarter’ or more on top of what’s going on in a particular topic or field than you?

A friend of mine recently spent the afternoon with online internet ‘celebrity’ Tai Lopez at Tai’s house. Tai had invited him to do some special training with him.

It peaked my curiosity so I started following Tai on social media. I know he quotes my mentor and 18 year biz partner, Jim Rohn a lot, especially in the area of lifestyle.

Tai seemed to go between being entertaining, self-indulgent, pontificating to then giving a golden nugget. In fact, every time I was about to exit there would come a Golden Nugget.

A recent one was about Immersion. And I know the truth on this one.

It’s similar to the 212 degree rule. It’s the philosophical mistake of giving yourself (time, money and energy) to something, but never enough to reach that tipping point of where the manifestation of change happens. In this case, 212 is where water reaches the boiling point vs just being hot.

When I think of Tai or my friend that spent the afternoon with him or even close friends like Darren Hardy and of course the late Jim Rohn, they all have given themselves to Immersion in being their best!

They READ! They are constant learners! They attend live events where they can get fully Immersed in a subject for a full day or more.

In my Dallas and LA Inner Circle Groups, we will typically spend a full day (6 times a year) together because I found a full day creates a totally different experience than a half day. And guess what, after a full day, no one every seems to want to leave. Although the set time is 9-5 so often people stay till 9 or 10 still connecting and networking. It’s called Full Immersion!

That’s where the miracles happen.

One recurring comment I hear is that I have a large network of connections. And I have to confess it is not necessarily by design or something I work on, it’s simply because I’ve promoted so many big 1, 2 and 3 day events over the years with Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen and others. And from these events I have  made many key connections, in part from the full day immersions and experience we have together. There was nothing like a 3 Day Jim Rohn event to create bonds, memories and long term transformation.

I’m fortunate to have what I believe is the event of the year coming up. It’s the 3 Day Brian Tracy Weekend with Special Guest like Darren Hardy, Ron White, Delatorro McNeil, Tom Ziglar and more (all who have been in attendance at previous 3 day events I’ve hosted – see a trend here with Immersion and being a student?!).

As a gift to your future self (and your family and team) come join Brian, Darren, Tom and other world class thought leaders and game changers. It truly is the event of the year!!

Click Here Brian Tracy 3 Day Weekend

See you there! Kyle

Kyle Kyle Wilson Founder, Jim Rohn International (, and

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