Discovering Your Secret Sauce


When coaching people I always ask four questions. What’s working? What’s not working? What’s your strategic wheel? (That’s something I teach.) And, what’s your secret sauce?

There is a cool process I use to help people narrow down to discover their secret sauce (see process below).

Your secret sauce is what helps you stand out and makes you special and different from everyone else!

I’ve never been a cookie cutter marketer. The strategic plan I created for Jim Rohn was different than any other in the marketplace at the time. That’s because I built it around Jim’s secret sauce. It was the same with Chris Widener, Ron White, Denis Waitley and even in coaching Robin Sharma, Darren Hardy and many others.

And, recently, it was the same when, with Erika De La Cruz, I identified that doing a book was the best way for her to leverage herself in Hollywood as a brand. After publishing Passionistas and driving it to #1 Amazon Bestseller, the offers started flowing in….Yes, all by design!

Now, you MUST have the goods for a strategy like this to work, and each of the people I mention above do!

One of my strengths is identifying a persons’ secret sauce and helping them strategically leverage that into their brand and message.

Here is one of the processes I use to help people narrow down to discover their secret sauce.

This process is also great for finding your passion, finding a potential keynote topic and also finding the key topic of a book you would write.

It goes like this. You get a sheet of paper out and you make six columns.

Column 1 you list all the things you are good at and areas in which you have skills. These could include writing, speaking, cooking, research, math, English, sports, problem solving, connecting, analyzing, listening, etc. List ALL the things that come to mind.

Column 2 you list all things you enjoy and consider hobbies (yes, some may be the same as Column 1). These could be playing golf or tennis, listening to music, stamp collecting, reading books, traveling, etc.

Column 3 you list things you have had success in and any awards you have received, etc. In 6th grade you won a chess tournament or spelling bee. You have been salesman of the month. You made certain levels of success in your profession or hobby, etc.

Column 4 you list how other people see you. Many people tell me I’m a connector. I see myself as an event promoter that large rooms, a marketer that built a million plus list, Jim Rohn’s agent/partner, and a publisher that sold millions of books, but when they introduce me they mention I’m a great connector. It’s valuable for me to take notice of how other people see me.

Column 5 you list the things you are for in business and life. For me a few things I am for include honesty and lack of agendas or politics. I love people that are authentic and people that are generous and that are givers.

Column 6 you list the things you are against. Now this may be just the opposite of what you are for, but asking in a different way may open things up for you. What I’m against really does impact many of the things Im involved in today. I’m against so many of the BS marketing programs out there that tell half truths. I’m against people that have never achieved anything promoting themselves as experts. I’m against political agendas that aren’t serving the people and that have been paid off by special interest. I’m against frivolous lawsuits. I’m against victim mindsets that keep people from owning their own power.

Next, you look over your six columns and start looking for things that stand out to you.—things that are similar or that repeat themselves. And then circle those things.

Then, see if you can connect the dots.

Once you get clear on your secret sauce, you will learn how to better communicate your value. You will know if things are a good fit for you. And you will better understand potential products and services you are uniquely qualified to create and offer.

Jim Rohn is a great example of this. I started promoting Jim in 1990 as one of the speakers at my events. I would have Jim and Brian Tracy or Og Mandino, etc. In 1993, I had the opportunity to ask Jim to partner with me, and I started Jim Rohn Int. At the time, Jim was doing almost all his work with Herbalife on a retainer basis. Outside of that, he was doing about 20 public seminar dates at 4k per talk.

So, the first thing I did was create our strategic wheel with spokes. This is a process I always start anyone I work with on doing.

Jim’s spokes on his strategic wheel included a book, an audio series, a one day seminar and a two day seminar. He didn’t have a mailing list. And he wasn’t very well known in the marketplace. What Jim was missing (and it’s one of the most important spokes you need) was a customer acquisition spoke.

Based on what I believed was Jim’s secret sauce…his ability to say things in such a profound way with such wisdom and to leave people wanting more (and becoming his advocates)…I came up with two key ideas to build a massive customer acquisition wheel.

These two were a product and a way to get Jim in front of as many audiences as possible.

For the product, based on Jim’s secret sauce and to also empower his fans to become advocates, the first project I took on was coming up with the idea to create The Treasury of Quotes by Jim Rohn.

It took me 10 months to gather the 365 quotes on 110 topics from Jim’s seminars and conversations (this was pre-Google and there were no other published Jim Rohn quotes), publish the book and most importantly, release The Excerpts from the Treasury of Quotes, a mini version which was my viral marketing gift booklet. The little excerpt booklet went on to move over 6 million copies (people bought in quantity and gave away). I also did one for Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Zig Ziglar and Denis Waitley (moved over 8 million all combined). In fact, over 70% of our phone calls that came in, when we asked how they got our number, they would always say “someone gave me a quote booklet”. It worked! Just like we designed it to.

The second idea was to fill Jim’s calendar and get his message out to more people. So, first I raised Jim’s speaking fee from 4k to 10k—he was WORTH it. I then created some scarcity in the marketplace by giving promotors exclusive opportunities to book Jim in cities around the country.  The exclusive part of it created a row of dominoes being knocked down as promoters fought over the opportunity to own their own exclusive market. Especially when I told them I would bring in a Brian Tracy/Jim Rohn One Day event and compete against them at an aggressive price in any markets that they did not choose to book Jim in themselves.

The net result was going from 20 dates at 4k to 110 dates at 10k within a year of launching Jim Rohn Int in 1993. The rest is history.

But, at that crucial juncture in the beginning of Jim Rohn International, I BEGAN with asking what was Jim Rohn’s secret sauce and making that a big part of our strategy on adding new spokes to the wheel.

I have so many other examples of finding and leveraging a person or companies secret sauce to build their audience and brand!

It’s a powerful exercise.


What’s your secret sauce?

I currently have a compilation book program coming out and one of the cool benefits is that we help people discover and leverage their secret sauce!

And so much more!

The title of the book is Resilience: Turning Your Setback into a Comeback.

Here are some key points about the project.

I’m first seeking to help people leverage a book to build their business. I have found, being part of a compilation book cuts your cost by 90%, can save you massive time and you get to leverage the power of other people’s celebrity brand, plus become a #1 bestselling author.

We have some amazing people part of the book including:

  • 6 Year NFL Player and Now Head of Player Engagement, Keith Elias
  • Producer, Actress and Documentarian, Lisa Haisha
  • PGA Tour & European Rider Cup Mentor, Nick Bradley
  • 2x US Memory Champion, Ron White
  • International Speaker & NY Times Best Selling Author, Chris Widener
  • Jim Rohn’s 18 Year Biz Partner, Marketer & Strategist, Kyle Wilson
  • Many other amazing people including entrepreneurs, professionals and more

This program provides:

  • Your status as a #1 bestselling author
  • How to leverage your book to massively build your brand
  • Calls with your personal editor and coach to help you with your story
  • Call with me who will teach you how to LEVERAGE being in the book (this is HUGE)
  • Marketing strategies to maximize your social proof when we hit #1 (this is worth the entire investment)
  • A community of awesome co-authors
  • 6 Live Group calls with  Q&A (covering over 20 marketing principals)
  • 100 books (plus additional books at a highly discounted price) and non-restrictive rights to the digital book for life
  • Strategies to build an audience and a list to market to
  • Brand building
  • Strategies on how to leverage the celebrity authorities in the book
  • The ability to buy additional books at only a few dollars each
  • Professionally designed cover and interior pages.

This is time sensitive! I will be happy to have a phone call to discuss in greater detail if this is a good fit for you and me. If you are interested, click here, review the page and tell me more about yourself and I will send the link to schedule a call.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

To your better future!

Kyle Wilson

PS – I have sold over 7 million books as a publisher the past 25 years. I will teach you how to leverage a book to book speeches, build a list, create a brand, get into important doors, get interviews and so much more. We have a limited amount of spots left, so if interested, do book your 30 minute call today.

Kyle Wilson, Founder, Jim Rohn International (, and

Want one on one coaching? Whether you are an entrepreneur, speaker, author, investor I can help. Darren Hardy, Robin Sharma, Brian Tracy and many others think so as well (see below). Send me an email for details and to discuss.

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“Kyle, thank you for our partnership and friendship. Friendship is wealth and you make me a rich man. Love and Respect!” Jim Rohn, Iconic Philosopher & Speaker

“I guard my endorsements carefully. Regarding Kyle, he is simply a marketing genius! No joke. Kyle was the wizard behind the successful business of my mentor Jim Rohn. Every marketing dilemma I have ever had Kyle has given me the brilliant and elegant solution on the spot. Kyle’s consulting has saved and earned me hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.” Darren Hardy, Former Publisher SUCCESS Magazine

“I have worked closely with Kyle Wilson for 20 years. He is one of the best all-around marketers, promoters, business-builders and entrepreneurs in the business today. We have generated more than a million dollars together.” Brian Tracy, Int Speaker & Author

“Kyle is a valued friend, a marketing superstar and one of the most knowledgeable people in the personal development industry.” Robin Sharma, Monk Who Sold His Ferrari 

“I’ve known and worked with Kyle Wilson for over 20 years. Kyle is the ONLY person that ALWAYS under-promised and over-delivered every single time my dad Zig and I worked with him. He is a valued friend and some one I have great admiration and respect for!” Tom Ziglar, President of Zig Ziglar Corp

“Kyle is one of my old and dear friends and one of the smartest marketing guys I have had the opportunity to work with. He is the scrappy marketing guy. What I mean by that is, there are lots of guys who will put out business plans and do all kinds of nonsense and swing for home runs. Kyle is the real deal and finds ways to create product, add value, help people, build community, he’s unbelievable.” Eric Worre, Author of Go Pro

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