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I see way too many business owners wasting time, energy and resources to sell online. They’re trying to sell to everyone and end up selling to no one.

The problem is they don’t know precisely who they’re selling to. This is where something called an avatar saves the day.

Why is the avatar so important? The short answer is because it saves you time and money. The goal is to shorten the amount of time it takes to making compelling offers to your audience. Compelling offers equal cash-flow for your business.

Here is what you’re facing as a business owner today.

Not only do you have to know exactly who you’re talking to, but you also need to cut through the noise of everyday distractions that are pulling at their attention.

You see there’s a lot more information coming at us consumers and a lot more gadgets to do it with than ever before. Gaining people’s attention is more difficult than it ever has been. Ten years ago we didn’t have smart phones that distracted people in droves.

Today you can’t watch someone walk nearly a block without disengaging their eyes from the smart phone. I know because I’ve personally noticed people doing it in my own home town.

There’s even a video on youtube of a young girl caught on film falling into a mall fountain that was full of water while texting and walking. Seriously! I can’t make this stuff up.

Kyle has pointed out to me before, “It’s easier to sell your solutions to a believer than a non-believer.” But just because you initially have their attention doesn’t mean it’s always easy to hold it. It helps tremendously if the offer you make is compelling so your solution resonates with your prospect and they take immediate action. Meaning they pull out their wallet and pay you!

So it’s helpful that everything you say and do speaks directly into what moves your prospect. You clearly have to state you can help deliver them from their pain or toward their desires.

Let me help you understand what it means to segment and identify your ideal client.

If you’re an organic raw food coach who specializes in working with new people who are transitioning into the life style, you need to know what segment of your audience you’re communicating too and their reason for transitioning.

Why are they making the transition in the first place?

  • Are they making it specifically for medical reasons or to cure something?
  • Do they just want to feel better?
  • Are they already in pretty good shape but want a better quality of life than they already have? Perhaps they’re an athlete looking for better performance.

Are they doing it for reactive reasons or for proactive reasons? You need to know because different customer segments will require different approaches and communication.

See I’m personally a big raw food advocate but I do it because I feel a lot better from the lifestyle, not because i was trying to cure something.

But many people make the transition just for that reason. They’re trying to eliminate some physical ailment or reaction to processed foods that’s built up over years of time.

So see, how you speak to me is going to be different than how you’d speak to someone who is doing it for medical reasons.

Essentially you could look at this approach with 3 different segments:

  • Someone like Me: who wants an improved quality of life. Better than I already have
  • The Novice: Heard that the raw food lifestyle could help them feel better
  • Panicked: Is in crisis mode trying to reverse diagnosis holistically through a raw food lifestyle.

See how each one values something different and has completely different pain points and desired outcomes?

Someone like me would be motivated by a desirable outcome as opposed to someone who has massive pain they want to get away from.

If you don’t know the segment of your audience you want to focus on with your communication and what compels them, how can you strategically create, promote, and sell products in a way that comes across as compelling to them?

You can’t!

When you try to be everything to everyone, you come across as nothing to no one. This is why it’s so important to have a customer avatar. Something that depicts your ideal prospects motives for purchasing.

You need to know what compels your clients emotionally to take action. The goal isn’t to be perfect but to understand your prospect as well as possible so you can meet their needs and wants with your offer.

Once you’ve put your initial offer in front of your prospects, let them provide you with feedback so you can pivot and make changes to your offer. We call this testing and it’s how you improve your responses.

Inside the Online Marketing Mentor Program I walk you through exactly how to identify your ideal client(s) so you’re able to position your products and services in way that you both win when a transaction of time and money is made.

To sign-up for your 30 day no-risk trial go here.

Looking forward to having you on board for our powerful 6 week course!

Tony Teegarden
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