When Fear Creates Paralyzes


No one I know is immune to fear. It is part of the human experience. As my mentor and 18 year biz partner Jim Rohn would say, “Some things you can’t change, you just have to work with or around.”

Fear is one of those things. It often times is a reaction to previous experiences.

Recently I was procrastinating on pulling the trigger on a business negotiation. Everything was pretty much ready. But I found myself waiting for the perfect timing before I moved forward. Instead of perfect timing though, I experienced fear and concerns of what may go wrong.

As I reflected upon what to do, the words came to me, Fear Creates Paralyzes. It was at the moment I made the decision to get out of paralyses and move forward, knowing that I was ready enough and if it didn’t go as planned it would be ok and I could adjust. But until I took action nothing good was going to happen.

Action turned into liberation and peace.

The above story is pretty light weight to common fears we all may experience at times especially related to relationships, health and money. But I share it because the phrase Fear Creates Paralyzes has been a great reminder for me and something I use often now.

What are some keys to coping with fear?

For me…

It is having a morning ritual of meditation/prayer and reading.

It is focusing on being grateful and releasing judgements of others.

It is having friends and mentors I can call upon and open up to.

Its saying the serenity prayer when it involves people and situations we have no control over.

It is releasing control and embracing faith and trust.

It is being observant of the thoughts I have and choosing to challenge or let go of the ones that are not serving me well.

It is speaking and thinking positive intentions and desires.

It is getting in nature and exercising.

It is putting good thoughts and ideas in my head and staying away from the news, as well as social media complaining, reactions and gripes that aren’t mine to own.

Being kind to myself and others by seeing the best and all the possibilities of good that can come from any and every situation,

When you do proactive things like above mentioned you are putting fear at a distance.

And one last thing. These are daily habits and rituals. Every morning you need to recalibrate and be open to receiving the best for yourself and others!

To Your Success,


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