The Wheel


There are game changers and then there are GAME CHANGERS! For me the discovery of The Wheel was a true GAME CHANGER.

After 5 years of being an independent seminar promoter doing events all over the country with Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Og Mandino and others, I launched Jim Rohn International in 1993. In the beginning we were really weak on the product side; we had a book and a few cassette programs and really no list to speak of. But we did know how to do seminars (one and two day events).

That’s when I called a promoter friend of mine whom I had met a few years earlier. He helped launch Tom Hopkins, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Harvey Mackay (in that order). His name was Jack Rediger and he had since retired from the seminar business and was doing consulting. I asked if I could hire him to come and spend 2 days with me and pick his brain. He accepted.

I’m sure there was a lot of great information and ideas exchanged over those 2 days (plus playing some basketball and going out for a beer), but honestly I don’t remember much except for the basketball and beer part and our conversation about the WHEEL!

Jack drew out a big circle with a small center hub and multiple spokes on a piece of paper as he explained the wheel concept. He said that each spoke is a product like our books, cassettes and seminars. And the goal, once someone got on the wheel, was to then take them all the way around it. Brilliant!

Since we had only a modest amount of products the next logical action would have been to create more products… but what I really left asking myself was, where are all these people that I need to get on the wheel going to come from?

Thus the creation of the Jim Rohn Treasury of Quotes Excerpt Booklet (a viral tool we moved over 6 million of). Yes, I wanted products but even more so I wanted a viral customer acquisition tool. Now, of course we went on to create many, many products over the next 16 years (including some really nice, high-end 3 day recordings, etc), but the real key to our explosion of growth was the realization of needing and creating customer acquisition products first.

When I challenge my speakers, clients and collaborators to have a wheel, I emphasis the spokes are 2 fold; products/services and customer acquisition. And if you want to hit a home run you do a product that accomplishes both.

From there I went on to create similar quote booklets for Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Denis Waitley and Chris Widener. We moved over 8 million, but more importantly these could be purchased in bundles of 10, 100, 1000+ and then given out by advocates, all with our catalog and cross promotion for other quote booklets inside the back pages of these little viral tools we created for our speakers.

This is also why we worked to create over a dozen different online publications – for The Wheel!

I haven’t talked to Jack in close to 20 years… we lost touch with each other. I hope he is doing well, but he gave me a gift that keeps on giving and I will be forever grateful.

My hope in sharing is, after reading this, that you connect the parallels for your business and benefit too, as I have.

To Your Success,


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