Speed Bumps Keep Out the Tourists


“Speed bumps keep out the tourists.”

This has been one of my favorite quotes over the years.

This week I was reminded of the quote again. You see, I just spent the last week in Michigan, helping my daughter move up from Texas for a new job and adventure.

On one of the off days I needed to be near Toledo, and I asked around for some cool places to go. I wanted water, nature, trees etc. Finally someone suggested a place called Maumee Bay. But they said it was a ways off and not easy to get to. Well, I had the time so I made the trek.

Once I got there, it was a really amazing place. There was a huge lake, massive trees and forest plus all kinds of birds, butterflies and life. Yet not that many people were there.

I strolled around into the woods a bit and eventually discovered a secluded beach area in the shade by the water. It was amazing. I had it all to myself on a Saturday afternoon in Northern Ohio in August! Unbelievable! I spent the next 5-6 hours there with my journal.

Here is a 10 second video of the view from my Instagram

How did I end up at this special place all by myself?

My best guess is that life has a way of creating speed bumps and obstacles to keep out the tourists and the casual. Jim Rohn use to always say, all success is uphill. And he would quote the Bible saying, “If you search, you will find.” But then he would add, “But rarely does a good idea interrupt you. You have to go searching!”

Yes, it’s true. Whether it’s fitness, money management, career or relationships, challenges, obstacles and even failures often cause us to take a U-turn and head the opposite direction, or at least make an abrupt stop.

Speed bumps (obstacles and challenges) stop many people from finding the truly special opportunities.

But in reality, obstacles, challenges and mistakes can serve as fuel to help us reach our goals and go further and higher than ever envisioned. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

– They challenge your commitment and serve as a mirror to how serious you really are. If you are only 80% committed and things are good, then no worries, but when the winds of life blow, that is when you truly find out where your passion and commitment are.

– They show us areas we need to improve. Sports for me is a great example for us all to see the truth. It’s easy to watch a game and call out the players and coaches for all their mistakes. Yet, in our own lives we often are far less perfect, prepared or disciplined. Also, in competitive sports you often get punished for your glaring weaknesses. Yet that is not always as tangibly recognized in our own everyday lives. So if you are really paying attention, you will see how challenges and setbacks can help you spot areas that you can improve and grow in.

– They help us become experts. At the 2004 Jim Rohn 3-Day event I put on, one of the speakers was Vic Johnson. Vic shared that the very mistakes and failures he had experienced 10 years earlier were the very things that now make him six and seven figures. He used those mistakes and failures to learn and grow. Your failures and mistakes can be the best teachers that will yield amazing results.

– They give us wisdom so we can help and serve others. Every lesson and circumstance you have encountered gives you greater empathy and understanding for others who may be going through those same challenges. How powerful to be able to provide the gift of listening, understanding and perspective to others during tough times.

– They give us contrast so we can appreciate all the positives in our lives. Without sadness or sickness or cloudy days we would absolutely not be able to appreciate all the happiness, health and sunshine there is. Gratitude plays a big role in being able to grow and have more!

Speed bumps do give us pause and reason to slow down and observe, but should not be stop signs. But rather, speed bumps are an opportunity for great perspective that the path you are on is intended to make you Great and Achieve Your Life’s Purpose.


Speaking of overcoming challenges…..

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As always, thanks for reading!

To Your Better Future!

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