Set Your Intentions for 2015


One of the most powerful words for me going into 2015 is the word Intention.

When we get clear on what we truly want, why we want it and we have a deep burning desire to receive, achieve or become it, then we have tapped into one of the most powerful aspects of the achievement process.

Jim Rohn called it the why! When you MUST have something so bad that you will pay the uncommon price to attain it.

I suggest you have 3 clear intentions/goals going into 2015!

What 3 things, if you accomplish them (or become them) would make 2015 a HUGE success for you?

Once you are clear on these 3 things then write out the 3-5 things for each one that you can do that will make the biggest difference in you achieving your Big 3 goals.

Often times you will find actions that cross over onto another goal. Like exercising or mentors/associations etc. Those things then become even a higher priority for you.

After you have your 3 main goals and the 3-5 main action steps, then make sure and stay in touch with yourself daily, even multiple times a day. Have them on your phone, have them on stickies on your bathroom mirror and computer screen. Journal about them daily.

BE INTENTIONAL about your 3 Big Goals for 2015.

And as Jim Rohn would tell me, there is a big difference between a want and a MUST have goal. The more clear you are in your head, heart and soul that you MUST accomplish/become these 3 goals, the greater you increase your odds of attaining them.

Remember you are a POWERHOUSE! So be clear on what it is you MUST do in 2015 and then with lazar focus invest your time, energy, heart and soul into accomplishing them!

Your life will never be the same!!

Let’s ROCK 2015!

Kyle Wilson

Founder Jim Rohn Int,, and

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