3 Lessons From Les Brown, Paris and Prague Adventure


What a special week and half when you get to share the stage with Les Brown in New York and then get to go spend a week in Europe with your daughter, who is spending a month on her own adventure.

3 Points I want to share

1. Miracles happen when you get out of your comfort zone

2. Ignorance creates fear and judgement

3. Experiences enhance all parts of our life

Miracles happen when you get out of your comfort zone. Les Brown’s story is a great example of this. Being labeled mentally disadvantaged as a young child growing up in Miami, then having a huge break through in his early 20’s by breaking the rules and getting way out of his comfort zone. He was the janitor at a local radio station. One night one of the dj’s did not show up and Les stepped out of his comfort zone and got on the air and did his thing. The rest is history (let me know if you want me to forward you the story, its in my 52 Lessons book). Almost 50 years later the world is still benefiting from Les’s decision as he is recognized as one of the legends in the speaking world.

For me, being a kid from a small town in Texas, never went to college, very timid and never dreamed of speaking to an audience, little did I know I would fill up huge seminar rooms, create and market millions of dollars worth of books, cds, dvds, downloads and more and spend 18 years with my friend, mentor and biz partner, Jim Rohn.  That all, was in part, the result of making a decision at age 26 to sell my small business and leave the town of 12,000 people I grew up in and go to the big city of Dallas, with no job and really no plan. Just a strong desire to step out of the known and into the the world of possibilities. Just a few short years later my career and life would change forever after meeting Jim Rohn.

And my 23 year old daughter following her inner voice and making the bold decision several months ago to step out of her comfort zone and go travel parts of Europe for a month. An experience that will forever broaden her viewpoint, knowledge and experience. It already has impacted me in a positive and expansive way just in the short time I got to be with her this past week in Paris, Western France and Prague.

Every success story Ive heard DEMANDED the person get out of their comfort zone to embrace something greater than they had experienced or known.

Also when we step out of our comfort zone we go from CRITIC to STUDENT!!

When I hear people make strong judgements, more times than not, you can tell it comes from lack of experience or ignorance. When you visit places and people different from you and with an OPEN MIND you begin to see and learn so much. Fear and judgement turns into appreciation and respect.

As Jim Rohn would always say, “be a student!!” Learn from everything and everyone.

And lastly, let all experiences that are new and foreign enhance you. Going from a small town to a big city or vs versa. Spending time in different countries and cultures. Trying new skills and challenges. Pushing your boundaries. It all will expand and enhance you. I heard Jim Rohn 100 plus times share at our seminars about “walking the streets of Prague.” Just yesterday as I spent the day, with my daughter, walking the streets of Prague, I finally, totally got what he meant. My life and experiences were enhanced. I became larger and wiser.

Im writing this as I leave Europe and go to Orlando for a 4 day meeting with the retired NFL players group. Then to St Louis for 2 awesome days with Ron White and Todd Stottlemyre.

My encouragement to you and myself is to always be open to what unexpected miracles (wrapped as uncomfortable and different) may be in front of us, prodding us to step out and embrace and take action.

Wishing you a Remarkable Life! Kyle

Kyle Wilson, Founder LessonsFromNetwork.com, Jim Rohn International (JimRohn.com), YourSuccessStore.com and KyleWilson.com

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“Kyle, thank you for our partnership and friendship. Friendship is wealth and you make me a rich man. Love and Respect!” Jim Rohn

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