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I recently interviewed Brian Tracy for the Lessons From Network.

Below are 18 Nugget Bombs of Wisdom from the call (and yes there were many more).

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18 Nugget Bombs of Wisdom from Brian Tracy

The first thing is customer attraction, the second is customer conversion. Once you have attracted them, next you have to persuade them, that out of all the choices in the marketplace, yours is the best choice. So, selling is converting interested prospects into buying customers and a business will succeed or fail on that basis.

The natural tendency for human beings is to get in a comfort zone and to do things the way they have always done it. Then they fight and resist any change or suggestion to get out of the comfort zone.

The future belongs to the well informed, the future belongs to the knowledgeable, the future belongs to the readers, the future belongs to the people who are continually upgrading their knowledge and skills.

Children are like roses that need rain. Children need an unbroken flow of unconditional love throughout their formative years.

What is it that you are actually offering to customers to get them to buy from you and buy from you again? According to Forbes 80% of business failure is because customers don’t want the product.

The number one reason for business problems is low sales, the number one reason for business success is high sales, everything else is just commentary.

In business, 100 percent of your focus has to be outward and toward the person you want to serve, the customer. You have to figure out what he or she wants, what is it that they need or consider valuable? You have to offer them a unique propositions, something distinct, that offers them something they cannot get anywhere else and they want it.

Each person is extraordinarily influenced by expectations. Your expectations determine how you see the world. My law of expectations says that whatever you expect with confidence, becomes your self-fulling prophecy. If you expect to be successful, if you expect to be liked, if expect to find a solutions and you are confident in that, it is almost like the waves part and you move like a great boat through the water to your solutions.

You have to differentiate, you have to be superior to your competitors who are offering anything similar, to the same customer in the same type of product or service.

All successful companies have a product that people care about, because it makes a difference in their lives and it is superior to any competitor trying to fill that same market gap.

Marketing and Sales is the heartbeat, it is the jelly in the jelly donut, it the 80 percent in the 80/20 rule. Dan Kennedy says “whatever business you are in, you are in the marketing business, the product will change, the customer will change, the prices will change, but you are in the marketing business.”

There are two factors that will more determine how a child turns out than any other two factors. Number one is a democratic environment, where a child opinions is solicited, respected and listened to by the parents from an early age. The child grows up believing their opinion is important and by that they are important.

The second factor was growing up in a climate of positive expectations, where the parents always believed the best of the child, always expected the best, always told them that they were going to well and even better, told them they were going to be a big success when they grow up.

Destructive criticism is the cancer that destroys the soul

What you think about you bring about.

Do not do business with negative people.

The most successful business’s get a steady stream of referrals.

Look for the valuable lessons in every experience.

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