5 Things You Want to Communicate to Your Audience


I’m going to share 5 ways to communicate with your customers and prospects in order to earn their trust; and I can tell you it’s not talking more and listening less.

But first we need to ask this question: Why is online communication so important to your business yet so over-looked?

Proper communication online is important because you can’t make sales online 24/7 if you’ve got the wrong message going out to the wrong audience. Or worse, you’ve got the wrong message going out to the right crowd.

When I talk about communication I’m really talking about a way to deeply connect with your online prospects 24/7, even when you’re not there. When you deeply connect with them and earn their trust, it makes your business sing with cash-flow.

Here are 5 things to communicate to your audience to effectively attract them and earn their trust:

  • Your story – So people can relate to you, your struggles and ways you’ve overcome them.
  • Your brand – You want to communicate what sets you apart especially from other people who may be doing something similar.
  • Your authority – You’re going to declare your authority. State what it is that makes you the authority on your subject and in your niche.
  • Your credibility – This is based on your past and current results. Point to your previous clients or customers who have gotten results from working with you or from using your products & services.
  • Your specialized knowledge – These are your skills and natural mental talents that you’ve brought to the table. You’ll communicate this both implicitly and explicitly.

So those are all well and good but what exactly can you do to put these 5 keys into action? A few ways you can is through:

  • Consistency – You want to be consistent in an inconsistent world because what you do demonstrates more than what you say. You can build a certain level of trust implicitly just by showing up on a regular basis in front of your prospects and clients.
  • Habits, rituals & systems – You have these in place with your marketing to support you showing up consistently.
  • Content rich website – Provide valuable help to your audience with rich multi-media content that’s well structured like video, audio and text. Make sure it’s neatly categorized and easily found on your authority site. Having a hub that you own and control beats having a hub that you don’t own such as just being on Facebook or just being on Youtube. You want those but they need to be in addition to your authority site you own and control.
  • Knowing Your Audiences Fears and Desires – when you do this, you speak to what matters most to your audience not what matters most to you. Where many people are selling features, you’ll be selling the benefits of the benefits. When others sell the features such as the 15 audios, 2 work books and 80 videos you’re selling the outcome your prospects desire.

When you know the most logical next steps for your prospects to take, you can communicate confidently to them about what needs to happen next so they move closer to their desired outcome and farther away from what pains them.

Strategy vs. Tactics

You need to have a strategy behind everything you do. This is so important to your overall communication because randomness doesn’t create consistency and if you’re not consistent, you’re not developing trust. No trust, no customers or clients.

When you adopt an actual strategy to your marketing communication it’s called the art of promotion. This is when everything you do leads to another action you want your prospects to take. Start thinking with the end in mind.

Consider people who play pool professionally. They are always thinking ahead about the next 2, 3, 4 or even 5 shots. Have the end result you want in mind and you beat out the vast majority of your competition.

Also make sure you’re using stories in your audio, video and text to deeply engage them. I forget where I heard it, but it’s known that facts tell and stories sell. Sure there are people who need the facts, but the majority of your audience makes decisions emotionally and you connect with the emotional part of their brain, known as the limbic brain, through stories.

So keep these 4 ways to communicate at the top of your mind and you won’t go wrong in your business.

  1. Communicate to Engage
  2. Communicate to Build Trust
  3. Communicate to Sell – Not just your products and services, but your authority & credibility
  4. Communicate to Convert – This means people willingly subscribing to your email lists and purchasing

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Tony Teegarden
Connect with me on Twitter: www.Twitter.com/ateegarden

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