Are You Building and Talking to Your List/Audience


I mentioned a few weeks ago in the email about 7 Core Marketing Strategies, the importance of building your audience (list).

Everyone single person/company I coach and consult with, including speakers, authors, real estate investors/syndicators, entrepreneurs, retailers, professionals, online marketers, etc, I stress the importance of building an audience.

You will be 10x better off over the next 3-5 years from now when they follow these 3 SIMPLE rules below (that so many people/companies still are not doing).

1) Be intentional that all the people you come in contact with including 1-1, networking, events, podcast interviews, speaking in front of audiences, advertising, social media, etc get added to your wheel. This includes using an opt in or offer. But if just starting out it may also be collecting business cards.

2) Have an organized way to add everyone onto your wheel (including segmenting) SO you can then talk to them. In the beginning keep it simple. Don’t spend a bunch of money if new at this. The are many free hosting services. I recommend Aweber (19 a month). Keep it simple.

3) Start talking and building a relationship with the people on your wheel. Bring value. And occasionally give your audience opportunities through the spokes on your wheel to say yes to things that may be of value to them.

This is a major difference between the wheel with spokes concept I created in 1993 when I launched Jim Rohn Int vs funnels that many people focus on today. I have and use funnels. SO I understand and value a funnel. But the wheel is how I built a million plus email list through my companies and publications including  Jim Rohn Int, Your Success Store, Messages From the Masters and many more.

Because the wheel is relationship focused. It doesn’t churn through people.

The biggest challenge with online marketing is it often tries to convert cold traffic into customers in a short period of time. Verses turning cold traffic into warm traffic and eventually prospects and customers by simply building a relationship and bringing value.

The wheel is fishing vs hunting. You are attracting the relationships, prospects and customers that want what you have.

This one simple tweak in your philosophy can have one of the biggest long term residual benefits to your business.

I often say there are speakers that speak 100x a year and never build, organize and communicate with a list and there are speakers who do. Same for authors. Same for small businesses. Same for professionals. Same for any industry or profession you can name. And the compounded difference over a period of months and years between those who do and those who don’t is massive.

No matter what you business is you will have far greater results over the long run when you are intentional to build an audience, have a method to talk to your audience and you then communicate with your audience.

Although the concept is simple. There are hundreds of distinctions in how to be effective with building and talking to your list/audience. But those come as you are in the process of doing all 3. Don’t try and learn all the tactics up front. Just get started. That’s when all the next steps and creative ideas will begin to flow.

You get good by first being bad. So just get started. And then refine and improve every step of the way.


Excited to be sharing the stage 6 times over the next few weeks. Just got back from consulting Profit Hunters in North Carolina, then off to LA this week for Bob Donnell’s Next Level event and then my Kyle Wilson Inner Circle Mastermind for 2 days.  Then back to Texas to be with Keven O’Leary (Shark Tank) and my good friend Tom Ziglar at Brian Forte’s Get Motivated Event Feb 22nd and then Logan Stout and his Leadership Conference on Feb 23rd. For details on how to attend any of the upcoming dates Click Here 


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