10 Reasons Why Masterminds Work, plus New Podcast

A few years back I was in Telluride skiing with good friends Darren Hardy, John Assaraf, Eric Berman and Steve Cox. All 4 were part of a mastermind in San Diego. They suggested I start my own in Dallas.

Within a few months I held my first one. Good friends Robert Helms (host of the Real Estate Guys podcast), Ron White (2x US Memory Champ) and several others accepted the invitation. That was 4 years ago.

(BTW I just interviewed Robert and Ron on my Success Habits podcast and I have Darren Hardy, John Assaraf, Brian Tracy, Lisa Haisha, Hal Elrod, Eric Worre and many more coming up in January and February – Subscribe Here and also receive some really cool music mp3’s from Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy and others)

In fact, here was a recent testimonial from Robert Helms about the Kyle Wilson Inner Circle Mastermind:

Kyle Wilson’s Inner Circle Mastermind is so amazing. It’s one of my favorite things I do. Kyle has people from all walks of life and types of businesses and it’s astonishing the magic that happens when you attend. You only know what you know. If you want to expand what you know, you’re not going to do it by listening to yourself, you’ve got to go out and meet other people. With Kyle’s Inner Circle there is such a huge variety of life experiences. There is such a reciprocal relationship with the group versus just experts that are just coming to share. Everyone fills a part of each other’s world and it’s just a very giving, loving community. I think the brilliance of the inner circle is all of us get more than we give and it’s all givers. It’s rare air for sure. – Robert Helms, Host of the Real Estate Guys Radio Show 

The Inner Circle Mastermind has grown a bit as we have 18 dates a year for members to choose from including Dallas, LA, the northeast (Philly) and Nashville. Plus monthly calls including previous guests Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Lisa Haisha, Jeffrey Gitomer, Tom Ziglar and more.

We have entrepreneurs, investors, entertainers, speakers, authors, professional athletes, marketers, small business owners, professionals, a Colonel from the USMC, a submarine Captain from the Navy and more who attend. It’s a very diverse group, all with a common goal to improve both personally and professionally.

My masterminds are a combination of powerful presentations, marketing and business growth focused topics, and member help seats. Plus we always leave plenty of room for the cool and unexpected to happen.

Our special secret sauce is the amazing, heart centered community of members we have. Successful, yes! But more importantly they are great, generous people. In fact, we often repel those who tend to be mainly transactional oriented/focused. It truly is an amazing community!

Since joining Kyle Wilson’s Inner Circle Mastermind the ideas and creativity have been off the charts. Kyle truly collects the best people and orchestrates an amazing day! I have to tell you it has so exceeded my expectations and let me tell you having known Kyle since 2006 and watching what he did with Jim Rohn and so many others, my expectations were high. I have the dates checked off in my calendar. Missing an Inner Circle is not an option!Newy Scruggs, 7 Time Emmy Winner, NBC Sports

Here are 10 reasons Why the Kyle Wilson Inner Circle Mastermind Works

1) When you spend the day with like minded, successful people, it makes you better. You play up. Synergy!

2) You always walk away with ideas and strategies (often times outside the box) that you can apply immediately to your life and business.

3) You meet amazing members plus special guests (Mark Victor Hansen, Phil Collen of Def Leppard, Jeffrey Gitomer, Morgan Mason, Adam Taggart and more).

4) Your thinking and vision gets expanded.

5) You feel a part of a community (an amazing heart centered group).

6) Your associations and network is expanded. You get to be around world class people and experts.

7) You are around a group where there are shared values and philosophy.

8) You ALWAYS come away refreshed and renewed.

9) You have access through the members, events and calls to solve challenges you may be up against.

10) You get to share your knowledge and wisdom with others.

For 2020 I only have a handful of seats available. If you would like details go to https://kylewilson.com/mastermind/ and fill out the short application. We then can set up a call to see if it is a great fit for you and the group.

The Inner Circle Masterminds are beyond powerful and the majority of people have seen their businesses grow 30-50% and more a year. Plus, all other areas of their life improve.

Kyle and I go back to 1989. Kyle was the Founder and Manager of Jim Rohn International, and knows more people than I can even describe. His legacy speaks for itself. His credentials are second-to-none. I recently became a member of his Inner Circle, and unlike so many other types of mastermind groups that I have witnessed, his belongs in a class by itself.Mike Muhney, Co-Founder ACT Software

As I end back-to-back weekends of travels, I can’t help but be grateful to Kyle Wilson and his Inner Circle Mastermind. This weekend in Philly was completely different than last weekend in Dallas with a group of people who I didn’t know but with whom I soon became fast friends. So much talent and knowledge was shared! We learned about personal branding, marketing, short term rentals, building wealth, personal development and more. I was happy to share my PABR method with the group of eager learners who welcomed this technique with open hearts. I can’t say enough good things about Kyle’s ability to bring together down-to-earth, thoughtful and giving people.Amy Novotny, Founder PABR Institute

Every time I spend time with Kyle Wilson at his Inner Circle masterminds, I walk away with a question answered, mindset shift or idea to implement right away. Kyle, plus the amazing group of community members, has helped me immensely not only grow my business but recharge my mental and emotional battery every time we are together. Great investment of time and money.Ron White 2-Time US Memory Champion


Also make sure and subscribe to the new podcast and listen to the most recent episode 7 Marketing Strategies to Build Your Brand and Business – Subscribe Here

Have an awesome week!


Kyle Wilson, Founder Jim Rohn International, YourSuccessStore and KyleWilson.com

Kyle has filled huge seminar rooms, launched and published multiple publications with over a million subscribers a week, has produced/published over 100+ hours of DVD and CD programs and has published and sold millions of books including titles by Jim Rohn, Denis Waitley, Chris Widener and more.

Receive FREE Kyle’ 52 Lessons I Learned From Jim Rohn and Other Legends I Promoted http://KyleWilson.com

“Kyle, thank you for our partnership and friendship. Friendship is wealth and you make me a rich man. Love and Respect!” Jim Rohn, Iconic Philosopher & Speaker

“I guard my endorsements carefully. Regarding Kyle, he is simply a marketing genius! No joke. Kyle was the wizard behind the successful business of my mentor Jim Rohn. Every marketing dilemma I have ever had Kyle has given me the brilliant and elegant solution on the spot. Kyle’s consulting has saved and earned me hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.” Darren Hardy, Former Publisher SUCCESS Magazine

“I have worked closely with Kyle Wilson for 20 years. He is one of the best all-around marketers, promoters, business-builders and entrepreneurs in the business today. We have generated more than a million dollars together.” Brian Tracy, Int Speaker & Author

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