Jim Rohn, Jimi Hendrix, Warren Buffet…


Truth – You can’t be great unless you start!

Want to learn to play the guitar, to sing, learn a foreign language, how to start a blog, write a book, tango dance, speak in groups, hike Mount Kilimanjaro?

First you must simply get started.

And heres the key, you don’t have to go from zero to a hundred the first month, in fact it’s better if you don’t.

There is too much too learn in the growth cycle of any new attempt to think you know it all before you even start, no matter what course you took or how much you paid.

We learn by doing! You can’t skip steps in the learning phase.

But…. you can’t be GREAT unless you start.

Everyone starts at zero! Jim Rohn, Jimi Hendrix, Warren Buffet…everyone. They just had to get started!

Pick one thing, take the first step, then get started. And remember slow, steady growth will win the day.

2018 is the year to knock it out of the park! Kyle

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“Phil (Collen) and I have toured and done so many ‘meet and greets’ and have had all kinds of cool activities and opportunities on the road, but last year at your house at the Inner Circle Mastermind ranks at the top as one of the all time best experiences we have ever had on the road. Everyone shows up and we all do our thing, but at your house the people and the love was so amazing. Debbie and I both cried and were just blown away, as was Phil. We are use to doing all the giving, but that day we felt loved and cared for. It was just an amazing experience! We still talk about it to this day. It is at the top of our tour memories from over all these years!” Helen Collen, Artist, Photographer, Designer

“Since joining Kyle Wilson’s Inner Circle Mastermind the ideas and creativity have been off the charts. Kyle truly collects the best people and orchestrates an amazing day! I have to tell you it has so exceeded my expectations and let me tell you having known Kyle since 2006 and watching what he did with Jim Rohn and so many others, my expectations were high. I have the dates checked off in my calendar. Missing an Inner Circle is not an option!” Newy Scruggs, 7 Time Emmy Winner, NBC Sports

“Kyle Wilson’s Inner Circle Mastermind’s have been some of the most enlightening events I’ve been a part of the past year. I’ve met so many incredible people outside the world I live and work in. It is the pinnacle of places you can go to upgrade your network. Kyle and this group is one I’m proud to associate with.” – Seth Mosley, 2x Grammy Winner, Billboard #1 Producer and Song Writer of the Year

“Kyle, Once again, thank you so much for putting this phenomenal group together. Love love love getting to know these great folks!” – Roderick Capelo, Orthopedic Surgeon & Entrepreneur

“Kyle Wilson, single handedly changed the way I look at life! And the way I participate in my own!
His wisdom, loyalty and commitment to seeing people soar is unmatched in the industry. He is a spring board, sounding board and ultimately- a launch pad for anyone committed to pursuing their deepest dreams and ultimate goals!
He is the most authentic mentor, friend and business parter I’ve ever had. This may be largely due to the fact that he has personally gone through the very trials and tribulations that most face while starting a business, brand and even making social decisions. He shares from a place of truth and his knowledge is extraordinary inside of marketing, personal development and knowing the ropes of finding, within yourself: exactly what YOU have, that NO ONE else has! (He calls it- a person’s “”secret sauce.””)
As a human being, there’s no other person I’d recommend aligning yourself with. Who you spend time with, is who you become, so choose those people wisely. I’m so thankful I ended up in your sphere “”KW,”” Kyle Wilson.”
– Erica De La Cruz, Author of Passionistas, Actress and Media Host

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