The Common Denominator to Your Success


I had two very interesting calls today. One was from a magazine examining all the challenges going on in the US right now. They asked me for my opinion of how Jim Rohn would respond. The second was from a missionary in Kenya. I’ve served on the board with him and his organization for the last 10 years. Both calls lead me to today’s lesson from Jim Rohn. Enjoy!

The Common Denominator to Your Success

Pre and post election fever has now finally subsided. And if you have a pulse you probably had your own opinions and strong beliefs about the local and national results (good or bad).

But at the end of the day, the greatest common denominator to your own personal success is you!

Your health, your relationships., your work ethic, your tendency to spend or save and — perhaps most important — your attitude are ALL determined by you.

As Jim Rohn would say whether it’s the Democrats or Republicans in office, your own personal philosophy and decisions have the greatest impact on how your life works out.

Now some issues may seem big, very big! But our freedom to choose and make choices overrides any other outside forces. When you have the power of choice it’s hard to be a victim.

Now to put this in perspective, I have monthly contact with a couple working in Africa. Often times the biggest challenge they’re solving for themselves and their community is where their next meal is coming from. Disease on top of drought, hunger, theft and corrupt government interference are all there bearing down on them every day, making survival the highest priority. Freedom is a little known concept, much less the concept of success.

When I talk to them I’m beyond thankful for all the freedoms and luxury I have here, including the power of choice. To paraphrase Jim, “America is easy, Kenya is hard!”

In fact as a leader, whether it’s your family, your business or your team at work – complaining rarely works! Only personal transformation has an impact on others (and most importantly ourselves).

And at the end of the day the only thing we have 100% power over is own personal choices. Choices of attitude, thoughts, habits, work ethic, health, etc.

The decision is ours and ours alone. Create our own future or be a victim to all the noise out there that wants us to abdicate our greatest gift – our power of choice.

Let’s Go Do Something Remarkable!


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