A Life-Altering Mentor and Friend


Mentors can literally change your life. They can save your life.

I know.

That is what I found in Jim Rohn, a life-altering mentor and friend! I was like a man bouncing around in a storm when I met Jim in 1989. Then Jim’s wise and positive voice cut through the wind and the rain. His profound intelligence and judgment brought me to a new place of confidence. He could see a very wide and long view of my situation. Then he made the dream of partnering with him (starting JRI in 1993 until his passing in 2009) a reality and one of the great honors of my life.

Jim is gone now, but I often wonder what would have happened to me – in the storm – without him.

Jim knew that he could not be to others what he did not have in his own life. So he had mentors too: insightful counselors — who imparted great discernment, perspective and stability to him. They were enormously helpful to Jim’s personal development.

Jim would say we all need someone outside ourselves who can help us gain the perspectives and insights essential to success. So Jim gathered wise people around him all his life. He often said, “You should always ask three questions: Who am I with? What are they doing for me? Is that good?”

In other words, always spend time with the wisest and most successful people you can find. Listen to the words of their mouth and the sounds from their heart. And search for ways for them to mentor you.

Mentors in my life have dramatically impacted my income, my relationships, my skills, my beliefs, my goal setting, my legacy to others, my impact on those I lead and my Results!

The word mentor and leader are synonymous to me. If you’re leading a team, a group, a family or another person you are a leader!

Jim once said Leadership is the most important skill to learn for the 21st century. For in Leadership you have the greatest opportunity to impact others!

For the entrepreneur, manager, business owner, team leader, coach, teacher, sales manger and parent – Leadership is the gateway to helping others while you help yourself!

When you lead/mentor others, you are in many ways duplicating yourself, all while helping someone else become better.

I had the great opportunity to introduce Jim to many people whom he would also go on to mentor. One such person is my good friend, Chris Widener. Chris and Jim would later team up to co-author the classic book 12 Pillars, The Jim Rohn One-Year Success Plan, plus share the stage at many of Jim’s events.

Chris has been an amazing student over the years to icons (in addition to Jim Rohn) Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell and Denis Waitley. Chris in his own right has now written multiple best-selling books and spoken for audiences as large as 20K people on the topic of Transformational Leadership.

Today I want to share an amazing process Chris has created to help you reach all your goals as Chris mentors you through the layers of being a Transformational Leader, mentor and influencer.

Please take a look…. it will impact your life. Learn more

To Your Better Future!

Kyle Wilson

Founder JimRohn.com, YourSuccessStore.com and LessonsFromExperts.com

P.S. Transformational Leadership begins with the inside out approach, so as you change yourself you will see greater results in the teams you lead, the influence you have and the relationships that are important to you (and much, much more). Learn more today!

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