Reaping the Most from Our Biggest Failures


In 2004 my staff and I spent 4 months creating, planning, marketing and putting on one of the most sensational events I’ve ever been a part of – The Jim Rohn 3 Day Leadership Event. It was an incredible assembly of talent with Jim Rohn doing his normal 2 day leadership program and me weaving in Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, Chris Widener, Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones and several others into 3 packed days. We also included VIP interviews with Jim, Brian and Denis (incredible!), teen sessions, morning goal setting sessions and so much more. On day three we spent the last 3 hours of the event with a panel of 10 speakers taking an anything goes type Q&A from the audience. It was amazing!!

In addition to being the promoter, organizer, executive producer (we were also filming the entire event) I was also taking notes and soaking in the incredible ideas and lessons being shared (like everybody else).

One of the notes I wrote down and created a reminder email that I’ve reviewed at least once a week for over 8 years now was:

“The lessons I learned from my biggest failures 10 years ago are the very lessons that people now pay me big amounts of money to help them overcome and achieve.”

The panelist who said this was Vic Johnson.

I first met Vic when he attended a 3-day event we put on in 2001. I knew his story and I knew what he was saying was true. And although I had heard about failing forward and fail yourself toward success, what Vic said that day really resonated with me.

I knew every single person on the panel that day, including Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy and Denis Waitley had had their share of failures. What I had not connected was that the very lessons they were teaching had often been birthed from hardship, challenges and yes, even failure.

Napoleon Hill said, “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of equal or greater benefit.”

Here is the key, we have the opportunity to turn failure into success, to turn adversity into lessons learned, challenges into resolve, but it’s up to us to see the vision of possibility and have the faith and resolve to get back up and keep moving toward our goals. And when we do that it is guaranteed that we will have something of great benefit to share with others.

To your success,

Kyle Wilson

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