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“When you put yourself out there on a BIG stage, almost always you will find you are playing for something significant enough in your life and business where there is massive joy or pain based on reaching or not reaching your goals. Thats what truly helps us go deeper and become bigger and better than we ever could have imagined!” – KW

So many great takeaways and lessons from Sundays Super Bowl…persistence, belief, faith, heart & soul, teamwork, never give up, calm under pressure, all the muscle memory of practice and training, closing out and finishing strong, and the joys and pains of winning and losing.

Question? Have you experienced in areas of your life (team sports, business, Big goals) where you had the contrast of massive joy when winning or heartbreaking agony when losing?

Where you paid such a high price and sacrifice and to win meant tears of gratitude and accomplishment or to lose meant tears, tears of pain and agony. Team sports is where many people have experienced this.

Also many, if not all entrepreneurs, know exactly what I’m talking about. Where you pour it all in, often over a period of years, and it doesn’t seem like enough.

That’s what I love about what I watched yesterday. The true appreciation for the athletes and coaches who have paid the HUGE price and to have tears of joy or tears of pain are the only options when the battle is over.

Every champion has experienced a loss before. That’s what has motivated them to get back at it. To dig deeper. To train, To learn. To do whatever it takes to give it their all so they can experience the joy of victory.

No matter what the circumstances may be, keep playing big! You got this! Kyle

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