Lifestyle, the Secret to Taking the Next Level

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“Some people have learned to earn well, but they haven’t learned to live well.” Jim Rohn

I just got back from an amazing 4 days with a friend that was filled with play, fun and r&r! Very little business activity at all. Yet I came back full of new ideas, direction and vision.

As Jim Rohn would always say, make lifestyle a huge driver to your success.

In 2001 I had Jim Rohn come in a few days early before the 3 day Leadership Weekend event I was putting on. As part of the 3 day I created the leather bound Jim Rohn journal with 5000 of them being signed and numbered. Creating and printing the journal was the easy part. The hard part was now asking Jim to sign at least 1000 copies over the next few days for all the attendees.

I will never forget the advice Jim gave me as we were wrapping up the first night of signings. He said “Kyle you have the work, business and family part down. But where you could really make some strides is in lifestyle. The reason you do all this should be to create the lifestyle to enjoy it all. Plus your lifestyle will help you elevate the rest of your game.”

I made a point that after that weekend event I would book a 10 day vacation and get away to the beach with the family.

Now here is what is crystal clear to me. Not only was the 10 days a great time for my family and myself, it actually was the catalyst for the next big idea and the needed strategy to change my business model. It was a game changing 10 days for family, health and business. We made it a point to always take at least 2 extended family vacations a year thereafter.

A few years back I went on a ski trip with friends Darren Hardy, John Assaraf, Eric Berman and Steven Cox. They all were part of a mastermind in San Diego. Although we were all friends, I was the outsider since I lived in Dallas and was not part of their San Diego mastermind. I left that 4 day ski trip knowing I not only wanted to start my own mastermind, but that I had to if I were to have the personal growth I desired. So many of their ideas and innovations they were talking about had come through their mastermind. That weekend, again, set into motion a series of events for me that led me to launch masterminds in LA and Dallas the following year that now has members that have become some of my best friends and business collaborators. In fact the last 3 books I co-wrote and published and the majority of the speakers at the Brian Tracy 3 day event I put on last year have been members of my mastermind. And it all came about after an impromptu ski trip with some amazing people.

If done right, your lifestyle expenses will in fact be an investment that makes your money in addition to priceless and lasting memories and experiences.

I have countless examples. Whether it is going on The Real Estate Guys Cruise that my good friend Robert Helms and Russ Gray put on every year (getting to hang out with Robert Kiyosaki and so many other great minds), going to Belize multiple times to Roberts Mahogany Bay Village development, doing special Masterminds in Nashville with Seth Mosley or with Mark Victor Hansen and Phil Collen at my house; seeing U2, The Foofighters, John Mayer, Switchfoot, Def Leppard with backstage time with Phil Collen, all with amazing friends I enjoy and learn from, or being in Coeur d’Alene, ID golfing and boating with Richard Bliss as I did this past weekend… I not only have an extraordinary time, I also meet extraordinary people and come back refreshed with new ideas and insights.

Play up! Take the vacation. Learn to play golf or tennis. Go to the concerts and invite people you want to hang with. Travel the globe, host events and invite special guest. You can’t go wrong. The people, experiences, ideas, expansion of thinking and memories will pay huge dividends for years to come.

Just do it! And make sure and do it with people you can learn and grow with.

2 more things if you are interested:

1. If you want details about my Inner Circle Mastermind or about a special intimate weekend Im doing with long time friend Jeffrey Gitomer at his home (limited to 12 people) reply to this email and we can connect.

2. If you want to come to an event that will give you skills that will pay you back 10-100x the investment over the next 5-10 years, hang and meet amazing people and do it in a beautiful setting, come join 2X US Memory Champion and Inner Circle Mastermind Member Ron White and myself. Early Bird pricing through this Friday. Click here for details.

Here is just one of many, many great testimonials from a 7 figure entrepreneur who attended the recent Dallas 2 day:

“The two day is a no brainer best value going.  Memory, Speed Reading and Marketing Skills! The people, the learning, and skills are 100 times return on investment.”  Rich Campe, Founder of ProAdvisors, Charlotte, NC

As Jim Rohn would always tell me, Let’s Do Something Remarkable!

Hope to see you soon!


Kyle Wilson, Founder, Jim Rohn International (, and

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