Advice from Frank on Mastery


“Its never just ONE BIG break. Its a bunch of small breaks that you must give everything you got!!”

Some sage advice and insight giving to me from Frank Coraci, director of many movies including The Wedding Singer, Click, Blended and The Waterboy. Got to spend some time with Frank this past year and to pick his brain.

Its interesting as humans how we have a tendency to want to be on the hunt, the search for the hidden gold treasure, the magic bullet or pill. Often times missing the simple opportunities in front of us, that if handled with the ‘everything you got’ mentality Frank describes, could change our trajectory in so many ways.

Its the same principal that opened the doors for me to partner with Jim Rohn and work with so many iconic figures. Giving it everything I had when opportunities presented themselves (small or big).

In fact, confidence and competence are build from small victories.

Before you chase the Big, master giving it everything you got on the small!

Mastery in 2017!


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