Friendship is Wealth


Jim Rohn once said to me, “Kyle, friendship is wealth and you have made me a very rich man”. Wow, those are words I cherish to this day.

Monday night I had, what is pretty much a monthly ritual, dinner with long-time, close friend Darren Hardy (going on 19 years now). If you’re not familiar with Darren, he is the publisher of SUCCESS Magazine and by the very nature of his job description he is someone who rubs shoulders with some pretty influential people on a regular basis. Interviewing Marie Shriver one week, Richard Branson the next and even the famed Steve Jobs before his passing.

Darren and I do talk our fair share of business related things; it’s something we have in common. We also each acknowledge having Jim Rohn as our mentor. But the majority of the time when we have dinner, it’s not business related at all. It’s about life, ideas and just plain ol’ stuff.

The thing I appreciate when I get together with Darren, and last night was no exception, is I often feel challenged to do and be better. I also feel encouraged and validated. These 3 things I hope he walks away with too.

Jim shared a gem of a metaphor with me that day (as he did many, many times). And Monday night as I drove home I reminisced about Jim and the richness I have in my life from some of the close friendships I’ve been blessed with (you know who you are).

Yes it’s easy to take friendships for granted, like anything else in life, but when you reflect on true wealth we are blessed indeed to have our priceless friendships at the top of the list.

Friendship is wealth!

To Your Better Future!


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