Goals Call, Podcast and Upcoming Event

Happy Tuesday! I just got back yesterday from an extraordinary 3 days in Lake Las Vegas attending Robert Helms Creating Your Future event. It was my 4th time to attend and the most impactful one for me to date.  BTW – if you haven’t heard the long form podcast interview I did with Robert, I highly recommend you check it out on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher

I messaged Robert yesterday asking if he would be on my/our January Inner Circle call (he is a member) and review the key ideas he shared at his Goals Retreat plus answer Q and A (and he said yes)! Boom! So, if there is interest, I can share the replay with our 52 Lessons Subscribers. Let me know. It will be Jan 30th.

Upcoming Podcast with Darren Hardy, John Assaraf, Denis Waitley and Brian Tracy

I’m back home for a day and head out this afternoon to San Diego for 36 hours to interview long time friends John Assaraf, Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy and Darren Hardy. They each have blocked out 3 hours at their individual homes to do a long form interview (hope to net 90 mins each after set-up, pics, catching up, etc).

It’s not too late to send any questions you may have for them. This is Darren’s first ‘yes’ to a podcast interview request from anyone in over 2 1/2 years. Reply to this email TODAY with questions. Also make sure you are subscribed to the podcast – KyleWilson.com/podcast for recent episodes.

Then heading back Thursday afternoon for my Dallas Inner Circle Friday (I’m sure I will be on cloud nine after Goals and these 4 interviews).

Below is a little about the upcoming Memory and Marketing event that 2x US Memory Champ, Ron White, and myself are putting on. Make sure and sign-up before Thursday when the price goes up. It is a powerful event!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

2020 will be EPIC!

Spend 2 Days with 2x US Memory Champ, Ron White, and Jim Rohn Int Founder, Kyle Wilson

As many of you know, Ron White and I do a powerful 2 day event called Memory and Marketing.

We typically only do one of these a year and it always sells out fast.

And this year, for the first time ever, we are hosting it in the northeast!

The tickets are going fast. Already over 100 seats sold.


Check out the Kyle Wilson Success Habits Podcast with

special guest 2x Memory Champ, Ron White – Spotify iTunes or Stitcher


Ron White will be sharing the same strategies that CEO’s have paid him 100k to individually coach them on and Kyle will be sharing marketing strategies that he has coached 1-1 for people like Darren Hardy, Robert Helms, Robin Sharma, and many more.

If you want to:

– Easily remember someone’s name & face when you first meet them (and subsequent times in the future)

– Increase your public speaking confidence by giving speeches from memory (without notes).

– Memorize contents of books and learn any topic 10x faster.

– Remember what you learn from classes to maximize time and money spent on learning.

– Develop a sharp and healthy brain as you age.

– Become a subject matter expert on almost anything in days not months.

– Also DOUBLE your  reading speed!

– Have a 300% increase in memory.

This is also Excellent for Teens and Students!

Plus Kyle Wilson will help you:

– Learn how to build your audience list, product strategy, and marketing wheel.

– Learn the strategy of how he took Jim Rohn from 20 speaking dates at 4k each to over 110 dates at 10k the first year (and then 25k).

– Learn the concept behind the viral marketing tool Kyle created that sold over 6 million books.

– Learn how to create your own Strategic Marketing Wheel.

– Learn the 7 Key Marketing Strategies to Build Your Brand and Your Business

As a Kyle Wilson 52 Lessons Subscriber you are invited at a special price (through Thursday Jan 23rd)) of only $397 (for both days) plus you can bring a *guest for only 297 each.

Plus the first 20 that sign-up receive as an additional bonus, the complete Speed Reading online course from Ron, Plus 3 additional gifts, all combined a $1000 value.

To grab your Early Bird Special tickets Click Here

*Cool Kyle story! “A few years back I bought a ticket to go to a marketing event in San Diego. The seats were 497 and you could buy up to 2 additional seats and bring guest at 297 each. I went ahead and did that not knowing yet who I would invite. Well who I invited and spent 2 days with were my good friends Darren Hardy and Vic Johnson. For a few hundred dollars I was able to give a cool gift, create a lifetime memory and spend time with 2 people I love doing life and business with.”

Who do you know that you would like to create the same experience with for this intimate 2 days with Ron and myself?

Our promise to you is that the skills you will learn over the two days with Ron and myself will benefit you the rest of your life. With this special Inner Circle discount you may want to share the two days with some special family and friends in your life.

Get your Early Bird Special tickets Click Here

“I had high expectations for this seminar, Kyle and Ron exceeded them one hundred fold. The skills and resources I gained were well worth the fee and flight. I not only gained invaluable skills, but I made new friendships and built relationships that I will treasure not only in my business but in my personal life as well. If you are on the fence about attending this workshop, hesitate no longer. It was worth every penny. It has been less than a week since I attended this seminar and I am already seeing benefits in my business.” – Daniel Schaffer, Master Mentalist

“It has always been a challenge for me to remember names. At Ron White and Kyle Wilson’s 2 Day Event, Ron White taught us a great system that has allowed me to not only remember the names of everyone I meet, but also remember presentations and almost anything we may need to recall. Plus he taught us these tools in a truly entertaining way. Much fun indeed! When combining that with Kyle Wilson, the master of marketing, giving us his secrets on how to market, this made for a super beneficial event. I am so happy I went and brought my daughter who is my office manager and part of my managing team. She was amazed as well. I couldn’t recommend it enough. If you have a chance to learn from Ron and Kyle together, don’t hesitate.” – Reuben Salazar, Entrepreneur and Investor

Ron and I hope you and the special people in your life can join us!

Kyle Wilson

PS – To grab your Early Bird Special tickets Click Here

PSS – We have negotiated a special hotel room rate of only $99 a night. Get signed up today!










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