Failure the Door You Walk Through


Richard Branson once said he re-defines the word failure. It can be a verb or a noun. For him failure is simply a door in life that’s in front of you that you either walk through it or you are stopped by it.

I also notice, although he runs hundreds of companies and has over 50,000 employees, he’s always has a smile.

Is it possible to re-define failure? Let’s try. You never truly fail because:

– Failure is merely a success school, you get to take it over.

– Your perception of failure is going to determine whether you move past it or stay with it.

– Set backs are stepping stones for come backs.

– Failure helps you decide whether to go or grow.

– Failure is only a temporary set back.

– Failure gives you opportunity to reboot.

– Oprah said she has never failed at anything but just learned.

– Failure can be a catalyst to get you off your butt.

– Failure helps you DECIDE to continue to move closer to your goal.

Ultimately failure is your friend when you view it with perspective.

There is no failure. Only the next action.

To Your Success!

Kyle Wilson

Founder of, Jim Rohn Int’l, Your Success Store and

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