6 Steps to Alchemize Your Greatest Failure


At this past weeks Dallas Inner Circle mastermind I posed the question, “what is your greatest failure”?

It was similar to the question Mark Sparks in 2006 asked me when he and I started TSTN (I brought in my partner Jim Rohn, along with long time friend Darren Hardy, Robert Helms and Russ Gray of The Real Estate Guys, Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley, Chris Widener, Ron White and many more for the tv network).

I was shocked by Mark’s response when I shared my colossal failures.

Mark responded “Excellent! I would never want to be part of someone’s first failure!”

So at this past weeks Inner Circle mastermind I posed the same question and we spent 30 minutes doing a powerful exercise and the results were amazing, liberating and in many cases transformational.

So here goes (and please play full out to get the maximum benefit).

1. Think about and write down one of your biggest failures.

NOTE – To receive maximum value from this go ahead now and take 3 – 4 minutes and write out one of your biggest failures.

2. Ask yourself what lessons did I learn?

Write out as many as you can think of. When done continue to ponder and see if there may be a few more. Sometimes our biggest insights are after we have peeled back the onion a bit.

This is an important step. Because as Jim Rohn would say failure is ok but don’t keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

3. See how that failure has helped you grow and make changes and better choices.

List some of the better actions and lessons you have since implemented.

4. Ask if in fact the very things that were your failures back then are now some of the very things that you get paid lots of money to help others solve or that helped you create wealth.

5. Forgive yourself, if you haven’t already and change your attitude towards the failure and see that it truly was a blessing in many ways.

6. Now here is what is really cool. Once you get over the negative feelings and shame of failure, you are now free to be yourself and create in an even greater way! But first you must not keep hanging onto the shame and guilt!

Failure is part of the learning and growing experience. Its how we interpret, handle and respond to failure that is the most important variable.

Fail often and more importantly learn the lesson!

To your success!


Kyle Wilson

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