When Life Gets Difficult Start Mopping


Part of what Jim Rohn taught me was to always be a student. Whether at a seminar, in church, at lunch with a friend, reading a book, even listening to lyrics of a song – look for the lessons that are worthy of your attention. Be a constant student.

I have found that to be true. The majority of highly successful people I’ve encountered were all learners and students. They always want to find ways to improve their skills, philosophy and thinking.

Every one of my top 10 favorite movies has a message that really resonates within me. One of the movies is Bruce Almighty. So many great story lines of, “be the change”, “being a good steward over the gifts and responsibilities you have” and “be careful what you wish for”… but one of my favorite parts of the movie is towards the end. It’s when the cause and effect of all of Bruce’s actions finally catch up with him and chaos takes over in the city. Bruce goes to see God (Morgan Freeman) and tells him ever so humbly how he has failed and now understands better the true challenges that are going on for himself and everyone else around him. Then God simply hands him a mop and says “start mopping”. How in the world would mopping the floor change anything? It might not change the world, but it changes you.

When you have circumstances beyond your control or when all you have going for you in a particular circumstance is to wait it out, get mopping. Don’t just sit around and fret/worry. Do what’s in front of you. Do what you can do. Don’t try to change the world, just get mopping (take the trash out, clear your desk, mow the yard, etc).

As Jim would say, I don’t know why it works, it just works! God is a genius!

And while you’re mopping… do say a prayer, do release the weight of the world, do let go of what you can’t control, but also get busy on your mental “to do” list and keep moving forward in the direction of what you can control.

To Your Better Future,

Kyle Wilson

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