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Just wrapped up an amazing two days in Dallas at the Inner Circle Mastermind!

Special thanks to friend and former NFL player and now Director of Player Engagement with the NFL, Keith Elias for sharing his powerful message on the topic of significance!

Keith, having been a star player in college at Princeton, and then played 6 years in the NFL and now works with the NFL as Director of Player Engagement, shared that for so many pro athletes their whole identity can often be wrapped up in what they do on the field.

They have usually been the star on their high school and college teams. And most end up leaving the NFL, not on their own terms, either due to injury or forced retirement.

Add to that the passion they have had their entire life is taken from them abruptly. Unlike a musician or an artist who can play and create for their whole life, in professional team sports, when it ends, it ends for good. No more Sunday afternoons in the heat of the battle with 40 of your team mates.

Keith’s role with the NFL is to work with retired players and help them transition into life and a career. He mentors both players and the player mentors.

Here are some key points Keith shared that apply to us all about significance.

True significance is not based on what you are doing. It is based on your inherent value as a person, regardless of what you do.

For true significance it can not be about us.

Significance is not what you take out of a relationship, it is something you bring to a relationship

Ask, have I been significant in the service of others?

We can be significant as long as we are being significant in others lives.

The goal is to be your best, not to win a super bowl. The super bowl is the result.

In life, focus on what you are becoming and who you are able to positively influence and help.

In addition to Keith we had so many amazing speakers and panels.

Two more of the re-occurring themes were:

– For your true greatness to show up for you and in others lives you will need to get out of your comfort zone. You will need to take risk, be uncomfortable, be ok with failing, and have a passion to step into what you are meant to be and do.

– Several people including Keith referenced the book Crucial Conversations as a great resource to proactively approach strained relationships both personally and professionally

A few final nuggets:

Improvement doesn’t happen in a day, but happens everyday over time

If you were Thomas Edison would you have not giving up?

Hire people for character, commitment then competence.

The heavy chains of worry are always forged in idol hours.

Jim Rohn’s 4 questions that helped Frank Mulcahy bounce back from some very challenge events:

What if I learn? What if I Try? What if I Stay? What if I Care?

So many more, but will stop here.

You know its been a special two days when multiple people at the end are shedding tears when they describe the impact of our time together. The quality and the huge hearts of our members make this a very special group!

“I woke up this morning and wondered, “Was that all just a dream?” BEYOND blessed to be in a room filled with so much entrepreneurial diversity and sheer GREATNESS!! A 7-time bestselling author, a 10-million-dollar e-commerce king, a millennial business owner who’s up for Entrepreneur of the Year, app developers, attorneys, a professional harpist, real estate moguls, a “memory champion” who’s been on every talk show and major network possible, NFL veteran that is impacting former players in an amazing way, a 31 Colonel in the Marines, Jim Rohn’s 18 year biz partner… the list goes on and on. And EVERYONE here wants to reach their maximum, God-given potential and CHANGE LIVES! Still pinching myself… can’t believe how blessed I was the past two days to be in this room full of so much greatness! Kyle Wilson, from the bottom of my heart thank you for allowing me to be a part of your exclusive Inner Circle!” – Jennifer Moran

Our next Inner Circle is May 18th in LA. Let me know if you want more details (reply to this email).

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