Do You PDR?


It was in the 90’s and I was called upon to help launch the first personal development TV network – The People’s Network (TPN). Jeff Olsen and Eric Worre were the founders and approached me about bringing in many of the experts – speakers, authors and trainers. It was a great honor to invite Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Jeffrey Gitomer and so many other great talents to be a part of TPN.

One thing Jeff always emphasized was PDR – Plan, Do and Review. Although it wasn’t a new concept, Jeff made it a major focus particularly at the 90 day mark as well as on a yearly basis.

I love the concept PDR, partly because it fits my makeup. I have a creative side where I love to brainstorm and think outside the box. But then when it comes to execution I need to simplify, focus and then go out and do it.

For me a great example of PDR is a football team. The team goes into training camp with a particular group of coaches and players, an offensive playbook and defensive scheme (P – plan). They learn it, practice it and then they have to go out and execute it to the best of their abilities (D – do). Then at the end of the season they huddle up and ask the tough questions. Do we have the right coaches? Are the right players playing the right positions? Does our play book fit our personnel and is it effective against our competition? Can we improve it? These are all great and necessary questions (R – review).

This is the very same cycle I learned from my business mentors and include as an integral part of my ongoing philosophy in how I build and run my business, set goals and approach many other areas of life – PDR.

Brain storm, mastermind, study, learn, stretch…. then formulate all of that into an executable plan and go do it…. then check and review as necessary (and sometimes tear up and start over again) but always be moving forward with your PDR.

Thanks again Jeff for your early life lessons!



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