The Ultimate Motivation


What inspires you?

What helps you have the discipline to make great decisions with your time, health, relationships and finances?

What helps you cross the finish line every day in pursuit of your goals?

These are great questions and I suspect that each of us have our own unique answers.

Today I want to share many of the common motivations that can inspire us and then my observation of what I believe is the ultimate motivation.

Jim Rohn taught us the Why is more important than the How. In other words, we all have to have enough reasons/motivation to succeed.

Some motivating reasons that help us move the needle are financial and material. We want a nice home or car. We want to take great vacations. Maybe be able to afford season tickets to our favorite sports team or the city’s concert series. Financial reasons can be powerful!

Another set of reasons can be family! We want financial security for our family. We want to be able to send our kids to a nice school and then off to the college of their choice. We want to live in a safe environment or a certain area of town. We want to take care of our health so we can enjoy our family more and for a longer time. Family reasons are very powerful!

Philanthropic reasons are compelling motivators as well! The inspiration and goal to help others and make a difference in the world. Maybe it’s a specific charity or project that drives you to want to give your time and money to make a difference in others lives. Giving can be a powerful motivator.

And of course there’s aspiring to be your personal best. That drives many top producers I know. They want to do and be all they can be. Health, relationally, mentally and financially. It’s the same thing that drives professional athletes, artists or someone so passionate about their career they continue to work way past the need for money. As Jim would say, it’s how it makes us feel about ourselves when we give our best.

But my observation of the Ultimate Motivation?

I would say that the ultimate motivation comes from the bible phrase “to be faithful over our gifts”.

Are we being faithful over the incredible relational gifts we’ve been given? Our family? Our friends? Do we see them as gifts and understand that what we invest we will get back (multiplied).

Are we being faithful over our health? Over our finances? Over being good stewards and taking care of our possessions (home, cars, etc.)?

And are we being faithful over our God-given talents and gifts? Investing these into the marketplace and the world.

If you truly believe in the “use it or lose it” principle, you can’t help but be inspired and motivated to want to be faithful over all you’ve been blessed with and have so that not only will it grow and multiply, but it will also impact those around you and the effects will ripple beyond that.

And remember if you feel you have fallen behind or have too steep a mountain to climb in any particular area, the reality is that all any of us can do is start TODAY and do our best TODAY. It truly is about doing the right things day-by-day in the right areas for the right reasons that will change our own world for the better.

To Your Continued Future Success,


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Kyle Wilson is the founder of Jim Rohn International and YourSuccessStore, he is the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul. Watch Kyle’s free video on Seven Power Strategies to Improve Your Marketing Results here

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