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The majority of people I know struggle with marketing and being able to put themselves out there.

They often lack having a team and the knowledge to implement many of the strategies they see many of the gurus doing.

And they often lack social proof and having a compelling story to share with the marketplace.

These are just a few challenges that I am able to help people solve when they are part of one of my book projects.

I’ve created an Elegant Solution that will help you check off over 12 different boxes and will help you better brand, market and promote yourself, plus so much more!

We have found being part of of one of my books can cut your cost by 90%, can save you massive time and you get to leverage the power of other people’s celebrity brand, plus become a #1 best-selling author.

I have some amazing examples of how our co-authors from previous books have leveraged not just their own story but also the stories of fellow contributors to get into doors they could have never gotten in before.

Frank Mulcahy said on a recent phone interview that being part of the One Thing That Changed Everything book helped him get over 100k in new business, all because of how he leveraged being in the book and the strategies we teach.

Olenka Cullinan, Founder of Rising Tycoons said that being in Passionistas and Purpose, Passion & Profit helped her book dozens of speeches including one with close to 10,000 people and sell over 3000 books using some of the strategies we teach.

We will teach you all the strategies they used and many more.

Whether you’re a professional, entrepreneur, real estate investor, speaker, in education or in sales, we will be giving you the training and tools to identify and tell your story in a chapter PLUS how to leverage your story in my next book to get speeches, build a list, gain credibility, do book signings, appear in media and interviews plus have amazing associations.

This book will include some powerful celebrity authority brands whose name and influence you can leverage (#1 Real Estate Podcaster & Developer Robert Helms, Passionistas author and Media Host Erika De La Cruz, 7x Emmy Winning Sportscaster Newy Scruggs, Jim Rohn’s 18 Year Biz Partner, yours truly and many more).

In fact I just had both an 8 year NFL retired player and a writer and producer of an award winning documentary that Gwyneth Paltrow narrates just sign-up to be part of this project.

Now please don’t let some of these big names scare you.

The criteria for being in the book is about having an authentic message and story that can help and impact others. Being famous is not a requirement.

I learned, when I was co-creating Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneurs Soul with Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, the power of telling other peoples stories. Its one of the reasons they went on to sell over 500,000 books.

When you are part of this new book we will teach you how to leverage the celeb co-author names and stories so you can then connect with people outside your normal sphere of influence (a Jim Rohn fan, real estate investors, speakers, authors, sports fans, millennial boss babes etc).

In fact, in addition to all the benefits of being in the book, you will also receive world class training on how to leverage the book in over 20 ways plus marketing and brand building strategies (well worth more than the modest investment to be a part of the book).

Plus we will help you craft your own story that will connect with others.

Our last two books remained #1 for over 30 days in over 10 Amazon categories, which speaks to the quality of the stories.

If the book and the stories aren’t great, people won’t read and refer the book. Remember I believe in principle based marketing which begins with having great products.

If you are interested, simple click here and scroll down and fill out the application

Looking forward to you joining the list of #1 Bestseller and me sharing your story with the world!! 🙂 Kyle

PS –  I have sold millions of books as a publisher the past 25 years. I know how to teach you how to leverage a book to book speeches, build a list, create a brand, get into important doors, get interviews and so much more.

PSS – We have a limited amount of spots available, so if interested click here and scroll down and fill out the application

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