Rock Paper Scissors


What are the key components of being successful in sales? Is it Persistence? Hard work? Follow-up?

Yes, those are all important.

But the guy I consider the guru of the selling industry once told me this:

The rock, paper, scissors game of selling is: 

Relationship is more powerful than price. 

Relationship is more powerful than delivery. 

Relationship is more powerful than quality. 

Relationship is more powerful than service.

That wise man is Jeffrey Gitomer!

I met Jeffrey in 1994. He emceed an event at which I had booked Jim Rohn to speak. I was blown away by his personality and creativity. Soon after, I was introduced to Jeffrey’s library, second only to Charlie “Tremendous” Jones and Paul Meyer’s (that I have personally seen). It was filled with all the classics, with many first editions dating back over 50 years.

Jeffrey is someone I have proudly promoted and worked with for over 20 years. He is an incredible student of sales, a prolific writer and an outstanding speaker. And a very close and dear friend!

Now to bring Jeffrey’s point home, I must tell you he preaches (and lives) service, giving in advance and earning trust! And trust leads to referrals, and referrals are more valuable than cold calling!

Jeffrey taught me then (and still models the example) that at the end of the day people buy people. And relationships trump all!

Thank you my friend!

To Your Better Future,

Kyle Wilson

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