Your Ceiling of Complexity


Shortly after embarking upon Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’sSoul with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, Mark invited me to fly to Chicago to be part of a 3 year program where we met 4 times a year with 48 other entrepreneurs. The program was led by “the Strategic Coach” Dan Sullivan.

Dan shared insights on being an entrepreneur and leader, as well as manger of your company, that frankly I had never heard before. He was a genius (and still is).

One of the early insights Dan shared, common to the majority of Entrepreneurs, is that if you are successful you will begin to generate results and activity, increasing not only your demand but also the need for a competent team and other valuable resources. When this happens it usually results in hitting a wall, or as Dan called it a “ceiling of complexity”. Your business may be outgrowing you, your team and your ability to manage it. So obviously this is where improving your skills and perspective comes in; having the right mentors to help coach and guide you.

Almost like the ebb and flow of the ocean tide, your business is growing and then hitting new ceiling of complexities where you have to rather smell – MUCH.

pause to catch-up, so that you are running it and it’s not running you. As Jim Rohn would say, it’s just the way it is. You can’t spend all your time building infrastructure with no business or revenue, and you can’t just sell, sell, sell without having a support system to properly manage your growth.

Dan helped give me perspective for how that ebb and flow works. I’ve referenced many, many times over the years this “ceiling of complexity” we all encounter at times. I always have confidence that in time we will break through, but in the mean time it’s important to work on having all the right pieces in place for when we do.

Thank you, Dan, for your wise insights and tremendous advice and input.

And here’s to each of you and your building and growing your own great enterprise!

To Your Better Future,

Kyle Wilson

Excerpted from 52 Lessons I Learned from Jim Rohn and Other Great Legends I Promoted! To receive your complimentary lesson each week click here.

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