Why and How

These are the two great questions we all have to search out.

I was recently interviewed by a highly successful entrepreneur and one of the great questions he asked was if everyone should at least consider having their own website and online business.

I said ABSOLUTELY and then proceeded to list 15 reasons why off the top of my head. See how many of these currently apply to you and your existing and/or future business (regardless if you’re a newbie or long time online marketer).

  • Everyone needs a website and online business (full or part time) to create cash flow and build a long term asset
  • It’s your brochure/business card to the entire world
  • Your business can be found 24/7 by EVERYONE simply by doing a search
  • Sales channel 24/7 (make money while you sleep, more efficient, less phone calls, etc.)
  • Customer acquisition/Build your list with opt ins
  • Search Engine and Google aging and archiving for articles and content
  • SEO of your content, products and services
  • Paid SEO versus traditional
  • It’s your Social Media (FB, Twitter, YouTube) and advertising hub for content, selling, list capture
  • Placeholder for all your content
  • Placeholder for events, calendar, instructions/customer service and info
  • Get referred by 3rd parties (links and referrals)
  • Affiliate programs
  • Repurpose content for marketing
  • Credibility/social proof/business card/brochure
  • BONUS – Build a business that family members can participate in

That’s 15 WHY’s just off the top of my head.

Now the BIG question is HOW!!

Fortunately Tony Teegarden and I have done all the hard work for you by listing out methodically all the needed HOW’s (well over 50 Lessons) related to building, growing and monetizing your website and your brand including List building, SEO, Content Creation, Marketing Products and Services, JV and Affiliate Relationships and much, much more.

The Fact Is, The Investment In This Program Is Probably Just A Fraction Of What You Are Leaving On The Table EVERY Single Day!!!

Get started today leveraging all15 areas I list above (and more) and take your brand, products and services to the next level! Start Today!

Also… here are 2 recent testimonials from Members of the Online Marketing Mentor Program (pretty powerful praise!)

Hi Kyle,
I wanted to take a minute to give you my feedback on your program so far. I’m on video 3 today. When I downloaded the first pdf file in the bonuses, I read all 44 pages. My initial thought was that I might not learn much as I had already set up membership sites, created many websites on wordpress, used aweber, etc. Just wanting to tell you how I felt right in the beginning.
I expected the first video to start with online basics. That’s when I was blown away! I’ve read a ton of marketing books, taken marketing classes, and consider myself pretty well versed in the area of self-awareness. I’ve had a blockage somewhere that kept me from achieving my goals and until the first video, I didn’t know where the blockage was. I thought maybe it was simply circumstantial. I knew how to use all the tools! Why wasn’t I being successful? The very first video taught me many lessons, and I know I’m going to be listening to it more than twice (I’ve already watched it twice), but the main thing that really struck me was, “Where am I going?”
You taught me that it’s not just taking the steps, but having a clear path of where I’m going is vital. I almost feel stupid writing to you to tell you that I never had a clear idea of where I was going. I knew how to get there, but didn’t know where I was going. I was like someone with a great car, a full tank of gas, a license, a map, but didn’t know where I was wanting to end up. I just knew I needed to make a living. And to think, I’ve really wasted the last several years of my life because all I knew was that I had to feed my kids, and I just stumbled along my way to get there? I’m actually sitting here with tears streaming down my face, because I know that with your program, I’m finding my way, but also discovering where I’m going. This program is way more than I ever expected it to be! It’s a true life transforming program. …. Thank you!
Terri Camp, GRI, REALTOR(r)

Tony and Kyle, thank you both for all the tips, tools and insights that Online Marketing Mentor Program has provided thus far. Being that we are only just half way through the course I’m OVERWHELMED by all the content and what I have learned to date. From the great tutorials and the phone call assistance it’s been WAY MORE than I expected. Being a newbie into online marketing I have found the program extremely helpful. Being that I’m not tech savvy it has provided me the opportunity to get better acquainted and understand the technology side of the business. Heck, I’ll have my own freshly built website up by the end of the day today and I didn’t even know what a plug-in, SEO, keyword, tag line ,CPanel, etc was a week ago.
Your Online Marketing Mentor Program will help me tremendously in marketing my new book “Building Champions”- 7 Success Principles for Youth Sports and the “Game of Life” as well as other products I’m working on at this time. I can’t wait for the next 3 weeks so I can go out and share my materials “As I Aspire to Inspire the Youth of Today for Their Success in the Future”. Your program will certainly help me to get my message out to help inspire more youth so they have to tips and tools to achieve what success and happiness that they desire. Thanks again.
Jeff Pierce

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