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Strategic Marketing Versus Tactic Marketing

Bottom line is if you own a business of any kind… you’re in marketing, or at least you should be. I remember Jim Rohn would use the illustration if you’re a farmer you have to get really good at one of two things: sowing in the spring or begging in the fall. I feel the same way about owning a business. When you own a business you have to be in marketing and that pretty much is the general rule. You’ll find this is true in the music industry, in the speaking industry, in the fashion industry… you name it, it’s not always the best that make it to the top, it’s the ones who can market themselves the best.

And it’s not just marketing but strategic marketing.

I’ve always said everything works. If I was going to go do an event, putting business cards on windshields asking people to come to a seminar works. Everything works but some things work so poorly they’re not really worth your time, energy and money so you have to figure out what the most strategic way to go market yourself or your product is. What things will make the greatest difference?

A key point on strategic marketing is that strategic marketing beats tactic marketing every time. A tactic minded person believes the purpose of a customer is to get a sale. The strategic minded person believes the purpose of a sale is to get a customer. A strategic minded marketer also understands the lifetime value of a customer.

And I would say once you have a customer the strategic process is then how do you turn customers into raving fans and raving fans into passionate and loyal advocates?

That’s been the magical formula that has helped Apple, Starbucks and Harley-Davidson achieve such incredible success. And they’re not alone. I also know it applies to many local and regional businesses (owned by many of you reading this article) who have restaurants, landscape companies and dozens if not hundreds of other businesses in the marketplace where you live.

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