Greg Zlevor Call

Greg is an international consultant for a variety of organizations including Fortune 500 companies, foreign governments, and entrepreneurial startups. His clients include Johnson and Johnson, United Airlines, the Singapore Police Force, Boston College, and Volvo.

His company, Westwood International, is also one of the few companies certified and licensed to provide TED talk training.

On the call Greg covered

  • 5 magic phrases to help you be more influential.
  • 3 ways to stay calm in the midst of a talk or crisis
  • Shifts and How to Adapt to Corporate America if You Are a Trainer/Consultant
  • How to Live in the Present (instead of past and future trap)
  • The key elements of a great TED talk.
  • Steps you can take to develop and be considered for a TED talk

and much more!

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Nick Bradley Replay

Nick Bradley is a PGA Tour Mentor & Ryder Cup Strategist. Nick helped Justin Rose go from 125th in the world to 5th. He also works directly with the Ryder Cup teams. He is the bestselling author of The 7 Laws of the Golf Swing and Kinetic Golf.

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