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One of the Best Events Ever! - Kevin Levine

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Dragan Trajkovski - Senior Peak Performance Strategist at Tony Robbins

Kyle Wilson, this was HANDS down one of the best events I've attended!!
Brian Tracy, Darren Hardy, Delatorro McNeil & all the speakers were
Outstanding!! You ROCKED it my friend!

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Michelle M. Prince says:

Thank you so much for an amazing weekend! You're changing people's lives by putting on events like this and I can tell you mine was changed too! Brian Tracy's wisdom, knowledge and perspective is timeless and the content he shared was exactly what I needed to hear. Along with the other speakers, you hit it out of the ballpark! I'm so excited to join the Inner Circle and I'm looking forward to getting started! Kyle, thank you again for all you do and for creating a space for people to thrive!

Josh Biggers

What a powerful experience! I'm committed to begin living the life I'm meant to live. I've had ideas and "gut feelings" about breaking away from my current path but I was living in fear and denial. I was absolutely inspired and am now committed to taking the necessary steps to no longer hide from my purpose, but embrace it and GO FOR IT! Kyle Wilson, I can't thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of something so special. Forever grateful! Great things to come.

Monick Halm

I want to tell you what an extraordinarily powerful life-changing event that was for me. It helped me confront something I really needed to let go of and now I'm moving forward with so much more confidence and clarity. My only regret from the weekend was that I didn't bring my husband and teenagers. Everyone would have benefited so much from that content.

Jason Scott Johnson

Had an incredible weekend with all of the great speakers and people in attendance. The whole event was very organized and inspiring to say the least. I learned invaluable lessons on everything from productivity and stage presence to inner strength and branding. It helped me dial in what steps I need and they gave me the absolute knowing that I can and will succeed. I made countless new friends and I would highly recommend this event to anyone who wants to take their career to a new level. Special thanks to Kyle Wilson for his support and for running such an outstanding event.

Kim Somers Egelsee

I'm immersed in so much wisdom and knowledge from this power packed weekend and my life, mind, career, connections and wisdom is so changed, transformed, expanded, improved! I’m so in awe and grateful, humbled and inspired! Thank you Kyle for the massive effort it must have taken including a total change in location to make this happen. Crystal and Charles were wonderful to chat with as well and watch in action. They seemed to be everywhere and never less than awesome in all they did!

Troy Hoffman

Kyle Wilson!!!! It was amazing and every moment was heartfelt! You are an amazing leader and are impacting so many lives by what you do!! You set the tone for everyone to be open and authentic with each other! Every speaker spoke so highly of you... You are dynamic!

Randy and Jana Hubbs

The Brain Tracy 3 day event was different than any other conference we have attended in the past. It was clear to us that Kyle’s experience as an organizer was truly remarkable. The variety of speakers, timelines, breaks, and facilities were of the highest quality. We are confident that the lessons learned from these past 3 days will pay dividends beyond our wildest expectations. Thank you Kyle!

Richard Hightower

My expectations coming into this event were very high. They were exceeded…Content, strategic, and specific tactics were so numerous and rich as to be heavily overwhelming but presented in such a way to eliminate intimidation. This event would have been cheap at three times the price.

Deborah Biggers

Kyle Wilson I can't begin to tell you how much we enjoyed this event!! Your influence is so far reaching, it's unbelievable! So many changed lives, not the least of which is mine and Josh Biggers'. This inaugural Lessons From experience for Josh has set things in motion that will reshape his life entirely. I knew it would! I'll let him share the impact and trajectory change, and I'll simply say thank you, from the bottom of my heart!! May blessings come back to you tenfold!!!

Jeremy Overturf

I had high expectations, and they were blown away! Brian is an incredible teacher, it's no wonder he's been able to accomplish all that he has. The quality of the information, the speakers, the venue, everything was over the top! Thank you, I feel so lucky to have been a part of it.

Matt Byler

Kyle, Thank you so much for your efforts putting the weekend together. It was a really outstanding event! I hit bonus time on the first day, and kept getting great nugget bombs and making new connections over the next two days. This is some of my best spent money. I learned things that really rocked my world. I am certain I will never be the same. It's like finding a window on this side of the house for the first time. I never saw this side before. Aside from the speakers, you also did well attracting great attendees. I made some outstanding connections!

Gbenga Asedeko

Brian Tracy’s 3-day weekend event has created a turning point in my thinking and thought process. I know from now on I will set and hit my goals, better yet my goals will grow me. I am unstoppable.

Christopher Burton

Still unpacking.... all the golden nuggets from all my notes. (The suitcase was the easy part.)

Lisa Shanahan

I learned so much great information at the Brian Tracy 3 Day event. It was amazing to have such a wide variety of speakers to really get a well rounded base of information and motivation. Each and every presenter gave me something that I will be able to use and implement immediately. Thank you so much!

Roy Smoothe

Cool to the MAX. Thanks for creating the event. And more than thanks for your friendship and Big Hugs! - Well Done Kyle Wilson you are the Don!!! a Class Act!

Barb Cox

Hi Kyle, Before I proceed further, a huge thank you to you and your team for the outstanding delivery of last weekend’s conference. You are clearly a “celebrity authority” in your field. Especially considering the late change of venue. Simply amazing.

I truly, truly believe that fundamental changes are already occurring in me as a result of simply attending this conference. Of course I was there for Brian Tracy, but honestly every single speaker delivered great content. I learned something from every single one of them. Since coming home I have shared my experience with my kids and team at work and they are collectively envious of my experience.

Kyle, once again thanks so very much!

Brian Tracy 3 Day Event Recap!

3-Part Series FREE

Get the Recap Directly From the Event Promotor, Kyle Wilson, Including Highlights, Key Ideas and Behind the Scenes Insights From This EPIC 3 Day Brian Tracy Weekend



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