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Presented By:

Kyle Wilson
Strategist, Marketer, Speaker, Agent,
#1 Best-Selling Author,
Founder of Jim Rohn Int,

Ron White 2 Time
USA Memory Champion,
International Speaker
and Trainer, 5 Million View
Youtube Channel
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Dale Carnegie said the sweetest word to any person is their name. Find out why one CEO Paid Ron White 100k to teach him Ron's powerful method to remember Names, Faces, Speeches, Notes From Books, Seminars and Trainings.

In a Rare, Live and Intimate Setting,
2X U.S. Memory Champion, Ron White,
Will Train You How to Memorize
Names, Faces & Speeches
and How to Improve Your Memory 500%!

Plus Kyle Wilson (Founder of Jim Rohn Int) will share his
Marketing Secrets that he has Perfected that
helped him Fill Large Seminar Rooms,
Create 100's of Products,
Sell Millions of Books and Build Over a
1,000,000 Permission Based Customer Email List.

What Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy
& Brian Tracy Say About Kyle Wilson

Ron on Fox TV's Superhuman

Ron's Student Tests Out His New
Memory Skills. You will Learn This!!


You Will Learn All This Over
2 Powerful Days.......

Kyle Wilson

Ron White

"I had high expectations for this seminar,. Kyle and Ron exceeded them one hundred fold. The skills and resources I gained were well worth the fee and flight. I not only gained invaluable skills, but I made new friendships and built relationships that I will treasure not only in my business but in my personal life as well. If you are on the fence about attending this workshop, hesitate no longer. It was worth every penny. It has been less than a week since I attended this seminar and I am already seeing benefits in my business.
- Daniel Schaffer, Master Mentalist

"It has always been a challenge for me to remember names. At Ron White and Kyle Wilson’s 2 Day Event, Ron White taught us a great system that has allowed me to not only remember the names of everyone I meet, but also to remember presentations and almost anything we may need to recall. Plus he taught us these tools in a truly entertaining way. Much fun indeed! When combining that with Kyle's Wilson, the master of marketing, giving us his secrets on how to market, this made for a super beneficial event. I am so happy I went and brought my daughter who is my office manager and part of my managing team. She was amazed as well. I couldn't recommend it enough. If you have a chance to learn from Ron and Kyle together, don't hesitate."
- Reuben Salazar, Entrepreneur and Investor

Dear Attendee,

Let us ask you this. If you could sit down with someone (Kyle Wilson) who has published and sold millions of books, built one of the most successful personal development businesses of all time and has worked with some of the great legends and learn his secrets what would you pay for that time?

You could spend the next 25 years learning what he learned the hard way. Or you could learn it the easy way in an intimate weekend setting.

Next, what would 5 million views of FREE, targeted (people who are interested in your topic) traffic do for your business? I’ll tell you what it does for Ron White, 5 million views of free traffic (no ads) has him getting up every morning checking his shopping cart to see how much money he has made while SLEEPING!!

He is getting 1 million views every 90 days. 

In the last 28 days Ron has gotten 1,182,573 minutes of views! And he hasn’t posted a video in a MONTH! Do you know how many minutes 1,182,573 is? That is 2 years and 90 days of 24 hours a day views!

What would 1,182,573 minutes of views do for YOU every 28 days? What would you pay for this knowledge?

Not only will you learn Kyle and Ron’s marketing secrets you also will learn Ron’s Memory Secrets.

Ron RARELY does live full day trainings on memory. Much less in an intimate small group setting.

What he will teach you in a day will benefit you the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Dale Carnegie said the sweetest word to any person is their name. Ron will teach you is powerful method to remember Names, Faces, Speeches, Notes From Books, Seminars and Trainings and much more.

Ron even has had the CEO of a company pay him 100k to personal coach him to improve his memory skills because he understood the lifetime value it will bring to him personally and financially!

Do you have kids in school? The memory strategies you learn and can take home to teach them will dramatically reduce their stress and anxiety related to school.

Bottom line, this is a unique opportunity to learn ground breaking marketing from Kyle Wilson and the memory strategies from Ron White that will build you relationships, increase confidence and speed up your learning process.

Join us August 9-10 in Ft Worth, Tx for 2 Powerful Days!

Seating is VERY limited (only 50 seats). Don’t hesitate, sign up NOW.

See you there!

Kyle Wilson
Ron White

Total Value of Bonuses $2700

Where: Ft Worth, Texas (at a really cool venue, Ron’s place)

When:  August 9 & 10 (Friday & Saturday)
Who: Ron White & Kyle Wilson, Plus special guest 7x Emmy Winning Sportscaster, Newy Scruggs and some amazing attendees  (YOU!!)
What: 2 Days of Memory Training, Speed Reading, Marketing Strategies, How to Build Your Customer List, Creating Product Funnels, Book Writing Strategies, Secrets of a 5 Million View Youtube Channel with No Ads, a Success System to Create Focus and Results and more!
Why: Because You Need a Recharge, Fresh Ideas, Proven Strategies and Focused Time Up Close and Personal With Ron & Kyle!
How: Sign up at link below (this will sell out fast)!! Limited to 50 Peop

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